MrBeast may not donate to Twitch streamers in future videos

YouTube’s king of big budgets and social experiments has revealed that he might not create any more Twitch donation videos going forward.

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MrBeast is known as the ‘good Samaritan’ of the internet, compiling massive budgets in order to donate thousands of dollars to small-time Twitch and YouTube streamers.

However, he announced that he may not be creating donation videos in the future, claiming that he is ‘numb’ to the experience in a recent video uploaded on November 4.

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“I feel like I’m kind of numb to donating to streamers now,” he said, just after donating $1,500 to a streamer. “I’ve done it so much… it’s starting to lose its fun-ness.”

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He then stated that the video in question could mark the last of its kind. “…I that think we’re going to be doing much more Twitch donation videos,” he said. “I’ve done this a lot, so this will probably be one of the last ones I do.”

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MrBeast’s last donation video pitted YouTubers and Twitch streamers against each other in a game of ‘rock, paper, scissors,’ with winners receiving a donation of $1,000 or more. Twitch ended up beating the competition seven points to one.

While MrBeast may not donate to streamers going forward, that isn’t to say that he’ll quit donation videos altogether; the YouTuber has created an array of crazy social experiment videos, donating massive amounts of cash to servers, the homeless, and even college students.

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