MrBeast’s “free bank” leaves woman in tears

Virginia Glaze
MrBeast - YouTube

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is a popular face on YouTube, known for giving out huge amounts of cash to strangers – and one of these philanthropic enterprises left a woman in tears.

MrBeast, dubbed the “Good Samaritan” of YouTube, often gives away oodles of cash under the guise of particular challenges, such as awarding a hefty prize to any one of his friends who could stay inside a small circle the longest without leaving.

However, his more recent pursuits have been purely altruistic, such as his video where he gave away free cars at a dealership of his own making.

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This time, MrBeast opted for a “free bank,” where instead of taking out loans or withdrawing money from their checking accounts, customers received cash with no strings attached for the holiday season.

One of the YouTuber’s “customers” was a woman who hadn’t had the chance to visit home in thirty years – an understandable predicament, as tickets to Hawaii can run fairly expensive from the mainland United States.

In an incredible show of charity, MrBeast and crew originally opted for a $3,500 budget for her trip to the islands – but ended up giving her $4,501 for good measure.

MrBeast, YouTubeOne woman came to MrBeast’s free bank after not being able to go home to Hawaii in over thirty years – a problem he solved with a $4,501 payout.

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This understandably left her quite emotional, but she wasn’t the only recipient to break down over the giveaway: another woman broke into tears after receiving a whopping $7,000 from the group, who revealed that her husband had recently suffered from a near-fatal heart attack.

“Y’all don’t know the month that we’ve had,” the woman sobbed. “My husband had a heart attack about a month ago. He died the next day and they shocked him back to life, and we’ve been trying to make ends meet and pay the bills and take care of our kids.”

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“Wow,” MrBeast replied, wiping a tear from his eye. “I don’t know what to say.”

While this is just a Tuesday for the YouTuber and his crew, there’s no mistaking that his videos put a great amount of good into the world, as evidenced by the emotional reactions from those he was able to help with his “free bank” as the holidays draw near.

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