Charli D’Amelio’s most viewed TikToks of 2020

Charli D'Amelio looks at the camera by the TikTok logoInstagram: Charli D'Amelio

It has been an enormously successful year on social media for 16-year-old TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio – but out of the many videos she posted in 2020, which ones were the most viewed?

It seems hard to believe that Charli D’Amelio only started posting videos to her TikTok account in 2019. Just over a year later, she has become so far the only person to hit 100 million followers on the app, miles ahead of many other creators.

Charli along with older sister Dixie has certainly been taking every opportunity they can, taking part in music videos, celebrity collaborations, and starting their own podcast together for fans to have a glimpse into their lives.

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Charli and Dixie D'Amelio look at each other laughingYouTube: The D'Amelio Family
The D’Amelio sisters are very much a team.

And with a huge number of trends sweeping TikTok this year and plenty of new filters to add to the mix, Charli made the most of TikTok’s every feature.

Using data from Retroplay, here are Charli D’Amelio’s top five most viewed TikToks of 2020.

5 – Charli dances with her parents – 154.9 million views

Charli’s parents have been a huge part of her and Dixie’s social media journey, and Charli loves to get them involved in her TikToks. For this video, she danced to a TikTok remix with her parents standing behind her to see what they would do, and her mom got enthusiastically involved with her own version of the dance.

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4 – Glammed up – 162.3 million views

Get Busy (Shake That Thing) by Sean Paul was a huge hit on TikTok earlier in the year, with the accompanying fast-paced dance routine having people practicing in front of their mirror to get the timing just right. Charli of course nailed the dance and looked super glammed up with a bardot blue dress.

3 – Take You Down (Remix) – 170.3 million views

This song had people enthusiastically dancing along to a simple yet effective routine, and Charli took it to the next level by almost flying off the screen with her moves, leaving the comment section flooded with jokes about drinking too much iced coffee.

2 – Charli’s mom reacts to her twerking – 178.9 million views

The D’Amelio’s mom Heidi is back again, and this time Charli decided to have her mom blind react to her twerking. Heidi seems relatively on board at the beginning of the dance, but once she realized was Charli was doing, she launched to grab her daughter to get her to stop.

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Thanks to a copyrighted sound the video can not be displayed outside Charli’s TikTok page, but a quick scroll back to October on her profile will allow you to view the video without the sound attached.

1 – Distance Dance – 194.8 million views

For Charli’s top most viewed video of 2020, the star partnered with P&G and posted this dance to encourage her followers to stay at home. For the first 3 million videos as part of the hashtag, P&G pledged to donate to Feeding America and Matthew 25.

It’s been a fantastic year for Charli and many other creators on the flourishing social media platform, and there’s no doubt that Charli will have some exciting content for her fans in 2021.

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