MrBeast’s $100,000 YouTube star challenge ends in a surprising conclusion

Virginia Glaze

Popular YouTuber MrBeast gathered 12 of YouTube’s biggest stars to participate in an intense competition for a grand prize of $100,000 – and the end result did not pan out as expected.

MrBeast introduced a revamped version of his popular ‘circle challenge’ video, where he challenged a group of his friends to remain within the confines of a spray-painted circle for as long as they could in order to take home a $10,000 prize.

This time, MrBeast amped up the challenge, not allowing the YouTube stars to sit down for the duration of their stay. Additionally, MrBeast made each of them wear a special vest, adding one pound to the gear for every hour they stayed inside the circle – eventually upping that amount to two per hour in the hopes of winning $100,00, instead.

MrBeast’s challenge saw the likes of Fortnite pro FaZe Tfue, vlogger David Dobrik, Ricegum, and more, including FaZe members Rain and Adapt. 

While Ricegum was the first to leave the circle just after the challenge began, the rest of the cast managed to pull through for an impressive length of time.

After a slew of hilarious moments, the competitors dwindled down to four remaining YouTubers – Caspar Lee, Leon Lush, Alex Earnst, and Danny Duncan. 

After sticking it out for a total of 31 hours, the group decided to make a truce, each splitting the amount to take home $25,000 each (and a special shoutout from MrBeast at the end of the video).

MrBeast, YouTube

MrBeast admitted that he was proud of the project, claiming that the experiment was one of his favorite videos thus far. 

He even teased a second rendition of the video – although we’re not sure if Ricegum is willing to let him use the Clout House again for this next challenge.

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