Sienna Mae hits back at “fake” TikToks about Jack Wright assault allegations

Calum Patterson
Jack Wright and Sienna Mae
Instagram: Jack.wright21 / Sienna Mae

TikTok star Sienna Mae has spoken out once again regarding allegations swirling of her sexually assaulting fellow TikToker Jack Wright, calling posts about an incident “fake sh*t”.

A viral TikTok by Lachlan ‘Taimua’ Hannemann, who says he was there with Jack when Sienna allegedly groped him while he was unconscious, is the subject of Sienna’s response.

The TikTok video was reposted on Instagram, in which Hannemann says Wright was totally unconscious, and that he “went back and took Sienna off of Jack.”

“She was shocked that I had pulled her off, and kept trying to justify what she had just done,” he said.


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Sienna Mae hits back at video from Taimua

Replying to the repost on Instagram, Sienna said: “Wrong. Jack was conscious, we were kissing each other. Look at his hand move.

“This video is from [November 2020] taken completely out of context. Stop believing all the fake sh*t you see on social media. Look at my video if you care about getting more info.”

Sienna Mae instagram comment

This response also directs people to watch her video, in which she denies assaulting Jack Wright, and says that her legal team has issued cease & desist letters to those making accusations.

Following the incident in November, Mae explains that she and Wright continued to be close friends and hang out regularly, but now that they are “not on good terms, the story has changed.”

Jack has remained mostly silent on the situation himself, outside of his Instagram post, where he said that some parts of his life are “deeply personal” and he was hesitant to share, and that he hoped Sienna gets the “support and help that she needs.”