Shroud thinks Dr Disrespect's E3 fail was "one of the best Twitch streams ever"

Calum Patterson

Dr Disrespect may have earned himself a lengthy ban from Twitch after filming inside a public restroom at E3 2019, but Michael ‘shroud‘ Grezsiek thinks it was all worth it, calling it “one of the best streams on Twitch.”

It was the Doc’s first ever IRL stream, and likely his last, as the mega-popular broadcaster had his cameraman follow him all the way inside the toilets on numerous occasions.

This infraction got his account suspended and his E3 access badge revoked, and was even potentially illegal considering privacy laws in California.

YT:DRDISRESPECTDr Disrespect’s E3 2019 IRL stream was going well – until he went to the restroom.

But there’s no doubt that it made for some great content – not specifically the bathroom intrusions, but his interactions with fans and other convention-goers, and his jokes about ‘mobile gamers’ was all classic Doc but in a new setting.

Shroud, a big fan of his fellow streamer, watched Dr Disrespect’s entire E3 recap video, and couldn’t stop laughing throughout.

“Can we have him back please?” shroud pleaded, referring to the Doc’s ban, the length of which is still unknown, “I miss him.” Shroud explained that he had tried to meet up with him at the event, but the two didn’t cross paths.

At the conclusion of the recap video, shroud said “Oh boy, that was fucking funny. A good video right there. That was definitely one of the best stream on Twitch.

“I don’t know if it’s the best, but it was definitely up there.”

Unfortunately, there’s still no word on when Dr Disrespect’s channel will be reinstated, and so shroud and all his other fans will have to sit tight until the big return.

Upon his return, he will no doubt bring in hundreds of thousands of viewers, with ‘comeback’ streams always a big event for popular channels. 100 Thieves streamer CouRage believes that for this reason, bans are more of a help than a hindrance to big names, who can count on a celebratory comeback stream.

Dr Disrespect’s previous comeback, after he took a break for personal reasons, actually broke the record for concurrent viewership on Twitch at the time – beating Tyler1’s previous record, which was also for a comeback stream.

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