CouRage and Nadeshot explain why Twitch bans “can help” streamers

CourageJD / Nadeshot

Dr Disrespect’s recent ban from Twitch at E3 2019, a lot of questions have been raised about just how effective short-term bans are against bigger streamers on the platform.

In an episode of their new podcast featuring TimTheTatman, Nadeshot and CouRage discussed Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban and the effect it would have on him overall.

100 Thieves / YouTubeThe CouRage and Nadeshot show is a brand new podcast by 100 Thieves.
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Courage brought up the point that after streamers get banned from Twitch, the hype of their return streams usually make up for the time away from live streaming and in some cases benefit them, even referring to the likes of Tfue’s ban as a “vacation”, saying: “The return stream’s are insane […] It’s like your community rallies back around you, even if the ban is deserved.”

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After agreeing with him, Nadeshot followed on to say that there is nothing Twitch could do to address that from being the case, to which CouRage responded by coming up with a way for the live streaming site to make the bans feel more like a punishment. “What if you get banned for 30 days and then your sub button is gone for another 30?” CouRage pondered. 

The thought behind removing the subscription button for 30 days would mean that the streamer would likely miss out on the large amount of subs which is usually seen after a streamer gets unbanned from Twitch.

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“That’s actually a great point,” Nadeshot said, before later adding: “People are always drawn to controversy and drama, and in some ways that controversy and drama can help more than it hurts.”

Topic starts at 5:52 for mobile users.

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The 100 Thieves owner followed up by using Dr Disrespect’s ban as an example of how a streamer could benefit from being banned on Twitch, estimating that his return stream from his bathroom ban will be one of the biggest ones he has ever had, saying “when Doc gets back his stream is going to be unbelievably big.”

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There have been multiple times where streamers returning from a Twitch ban have seen massive success, such as Tyler1’s returning stream which broke records for the most viewed individual streamer at the time with around 400,000 viewers.

As of now, it is still unclear how long Dr Disrespect’s ban will span for, however, many fans are waiting his return to the live streaming site.