Dr Disrespect imposter goes viral after star’s Twitch ban

Connor Bennett

Dr Disrespect may currently be serving a suspension from Twitch but fans now have somewhere to go and catch some Doc-inspired streams thanks to a hilarious imposter.

Dr Disrespect received a ban from Twitch back on June 11 after his now infamous IRL stream from the bathrooms at E3. Fans of the Champions Club leader have been left wondering when he’ll return to TwitchDocTv as neither the streamer or the livestreaming platform have revealed any details.

However, those fans who are pining for their Doc content may just have a new channel to use as a waiting room until he makes a return as a strikingly similar imposter has arisen.

G FUELFans are still awaiting news about when the Doc will be unbanned.

Going under the name Dr DipsRespect, a recently-started Twitch channel has been following the same path set by the Doc. The streamer wears a somewhat similar outfit to the Doc’s signature red-and-black look – complete with the mullet hairstyle – and even uses an 80’s-inspired production set-up.

Yet, a key few things are lacking. There are no Google Prototype glasses, as they appear to have been swapped out for a set of sunglasses. There is also a lack of the Slick Daddy mustache that features so heavily on the Doc’s broadcasts. However, that doesn’t stop him from channeling his inner Doc rage. 

Instead of being The Two-Time Blockbuster video gaming champion, though, Dr DipsRespect is the back-to-back, citywide, state-wide spelling bee participant – third place and ninth place, respectively.

Considering Dr DipsRespect isn’t a champion, he can’t use the Champions Club name for his subscribers. Instead, he substitutes it for the Participant Club – an homage to his almost-victory at the spelling bees.

Since his ban, the Doc has laid pretty low and only uploaded a recap video of his now infamous E3 stream to YouTube so it’s not known if he’s been made aware of the imposter or not.

However, you can probably be sure that in typical Doc fashion he’ll be ready to snap him with that signature violence, speed, and momentum once he catches a glimpse.

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