HYTE backs out of Nijisanji collaboration amid Selen Tatsuki allegations

Jeremy Gan
HYTE backs out of Nijisanji collaboration amid Selen Tatsuki allegationsNijisanji

HYTE is backing out of its Nijisanji collaboration projects amid allegations from Selen Tatsuki after her termination from the agency. 

Amid the mass exodus of Livers from Nijisanji, the agency announced they were terminating Selen Tatsuki’s contract after “repeated breaches”. However, the termination was quickly followed by Selen’s respond. 

In which she alleges a “toxic” work environment and bullying from management was created by management. The outpouring of support for Selen, who now goes by her alt account Dokibird, resulted in her hitting 250,000 subscribers in just a day after her termination. 

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And in light of the allegations, HYTE, a sister brand of iBUYPOWER, has cut ties with AnyColor, owners of Nijisanji, amid the situation. 

“In light of the recent developments regarding AnyColor (aka Nijisanji), HYTE has made the decision to terminate our current project with the VTuber group,” they wrote in their statement.

The project, a collaboration with Nijisanji EN talents Rosemi Lovelock, Enna Alouette, and Elira Pendora to create a series of PC cases and keycaps, will be canceled. HYTE is refunding any preorder purchases made by fans. 

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“With everything surrounding Nijisanji in the past year alone, we at HYTE want to stand alongside the many VTuber fans who have ceased support for the organization,” HYTE wrote in their statement. 

HYTE’s Nijisanji planned collaboration wasn’t their first VTuber project, as the company has worked with Hololive to create PC case bundles of their EN talents. With Mori Calliope, Watson Amelia, Ouro Kronii and Hakos Baelz getting their own bundles. 

This all comes as Nijisanji is experiencing a talent exodus, as over the past year many talents announced their graduation from the agency. With talents such as Pomu Rainpuff, Mika Melaltika, and Kyo Kaneko leaving in the past few months. 

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