NISANJI EN terminate Zaion LanZa for “offensive remarks” and multiple other contract breaches

zaion lanza nisanjiNISANJI

NISANJI EN has announced the termination of Zaion LanZa’s contract, citing a list of reasons including offensive remarks and “revealing internal information.”

Zaion LanZa debuted in December, as part of the seventh wave XSOLEIL — and grew fast along with the other members, reaching 100,000 subscribers on YouTube on December 26.

2023 also started brightly for Zaion, releasing a cover version of Identity by Kanaria, alongside fellow NISANJI EN Vtuber Maria Marionette.

However, on February 8, she was suspended. Then, on March 10, repeated misconduct, according to NISANJI, has led to the immediate termination of Zaion’s contract. The statement notes a total of 12 reasons for the dismissal.

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Zaion LanZa’s contract terminated for multiple reasons

NISANJI’s statement begins, “We are sorry to announce the termination of our contract with the NISANJI EN Liver Zaion LanZa, effective March 10, 2023.

“Since her debut in December 2022, Zaion LanZa has repeatedly infringed upon the Contract and the rules Livers must comply to during her streaming activities.”

The statement goes on to outline twelve reasons for the dismissal, as well as noting “numerous other actions and comments infringing the Contract and the Rules.”

Some of the reasons listed include “offensive remarks regarding discrimination and sexual assault,” “expressing her will to perform streams using illegal games,” “revealing internal information that can potentially cause issues for stakeholders,” and “comments that can be considered offensive to rights holders of a game during a stream.”

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The full list of reasons are as follows:

  • Using a copyrighted song in her stream without prior authorization.
  • Revealing internal information that can potential cause issues for stakeholders during her stream.
  • Making statements that could lead to speculation or leaking of internal information using social media accounts that she personally operates, during her activity suspension time.
  • Offensive remarks regarding discrimination and sexual assault.
  • Several infringements of the Rules pertaining to the use of games defined by ANYCOLOR Inc. (including intentional infringements) and repeated false justifications given to ANYCOLOR Inc. regarding these infringements.
  • Expressing her will to perform streams using illegal games (also referred to as pirate games).
  • Comments that can be considered offensive to the rights holder of a game during a stream.
  • Giving false information to other NIJISANJI EN Livers regarding the contents of her communications with ANYCOLOR Inc.
  • Falsely claiming to have received permission from ANYCOLOR Inc. after a viewer commented on Zaion performing an action prohibited by the Rules.
  • Falsely claiming to be sponsored by a brand during a stream.
  • Giving “likes” to comments falling under defamation of NIJISANJI Livers and ANYCOLOR Inc. using social media accounts that she personally operates.
  • Numerous other actions and comments infringing the Contract and Rules.

Concluding the statement, NISANJI informed fans that Zaion’s accounts, YouTube and social media, would be made private, and sale of her merchandise and voice packs would cease.

Fellow member Kotoka Torahime said, “We’re sorry we couldn’t stop this from happening. Please do give the members lots of love and time to process this through.”

The announcement did not come as a major surprise to some fans, given Zaion had been absent from content for over a month due to her suspension.

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“Can’t say I wasn’t expecting it with how long she was gone,” one fan said. “But for there to be that many reasons? And even more that weren’t mentioned?!? I’m shook.”

Some were also critical of Zaion for wasting an opportunity that many would love to have. But, others reminded aspiring Vtubers that applying to NISANJI and other agencies means you work for a company, and must follow their rules.

Zaion has not yet addressed the termination on social media, although it is unclear if she still has access to the accounts.

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