Saiviantha shuts down Bryce Hall cheating rumors: “I never got close to Bryce”

Brad Norton
Bryce Hall and SaivianthaInstagram: Saiviantha / Instagram: BryceHall

Amidst rumors of Bryce Hall’s infidelity in his newly reformed relationship with Addison Rae, Samantha ‘Saiviantha’ Salvador has revealed her side of the story and denied all such cheating accusations.

When rumors begin to swirl on TikTok, they can spread like wildfire. The latest line of speculation has already forced a response out of Hall, led Rae to cry in public, and now, drawn out a lengthy explanation from one of the accused.

Saiviantha is an up-and-coming social media personality that was caught in the crossfire of the latest TikTok drama. After meeting with Hall in Las Vegas and subsequently promoting his vlog, fans began to throw out accusations that she had become close with the internet celebrity.

That doesn’t appear to be the case, however, as she has since come forward to outright deny these rumors.

“All that stuff is so blown out of proportion,” she said on Instagram.

saiviantha Instagram storyInstagram: saiviantha
This Instagram story from Saiviantha led to cheating allegations across social media.

“I wasn’t originally going to address this because the truth always comes out,” Saiviantha explained to almost 10,000 followers on the platform. “But now that my name [is] being dragged through the mud, I think it’s important to say my part.”

It turns out their original meeting was strictly for business. “I actually met Bryce and his team because I was connected by a really good friend of mine to go there for work. It was a business, networking type of thing.”

Throughout their night together, the two were never alone, according to Saiviantha. “I was with my friend and Bryce’s team pretty much all night. There was nothing that happened that I constituted as disloyal at all.”

In fact, Hall was even in communication with Rae. “He was on FaceTime with Addison most of the time. He acted like he had a girlfriend,” she emphasized.

“There was nothing I saw that was disingenuous, or anything I would label sketchy. I never got close to Bryce in that way. We respect relationships out here.”

With both Hall and Saiviantha now publicly denying the allegations, perhaps that’ll be the end to the latest TikTok drama — we’ll keep you updated either way.