Fans alarmed after Addison Rae posts and deletes cryptic Tweets

Charlotte Colombo
TikTok: Addison Rae

Fans of Addison Rae, TikTok superstar, have been wracking their brains trying to work out what’s going on with the influencer after she posted and then quickly deleted a Tweet saying that she was “disappointed”, before posting another ambiguous Tweet on 28 February.

The first Tweet was posted on 27 February, wherein Rae said that she was “disappointed but not surprised.” This Tweet was quickly deleted, but adding further fuel to the suspicion that something was wrong, Addison then posted a similarly-ambiguous Tweet on 28 February saying “figures”.

With Addison being known for her upbeat and peppy personality, these Tweets alarmed and concerned her fanbase, as they wondered what could have led to the TikTok personality feeling downtrodden.

What is going on with Addison Rae?

Some fans are suspecting that the subtweets are directed at the current situation surrounding James Charles. A 16-year-old fan accused Charles of “grooming” him on 26 February, and on 27 February, two more fans, including a 17-year-old, also came forward to publicly accuse James of inappropriate behavior.

Given that Charles and Rae are close friends, with the two of them often appearing in each other’s social media and videos, some fans are speculating that based on the timing, the Tweets could be directed at him. “It’s clearly about James,” one fan on Instagram speculated, while another said: “My first thought was James.”

Twitter: Addison Rae
Addison Tweeted she was “disappointed but not surprised” on 27 February before quickly deleting it.

However, other fans are doubtful, with one Instagram user pointing out that “she [Addison] never posts about other people’s drama.” Another Instagram user said that they “hope it isn’t about James” because Rae never publicly condemned the Lopez brothers over the accusations they faced.

Naturally, with Addison’s relationship with Bryce Hall being in the public eye, some people are suspecting that there’s trouble in paradise. The couple have been on again and off again multiple times since rumors first started swirling about their romance in autumn 2019, which has led to fans thinking the two may be “off” once again.

In response to her Tweet on 28 February, where she says “figures,”  one concerned fan told Addison that they “don’t want to see [her] heartbroken for the third time.” Guessing that Rae and Hall may have had a fight, another fan said to Rae that “all couples have fights, what is important is the love that exists between you [and Bryce].”

With some fans going as far as suggesting that Hall may have cheated on Rae, others were quick to jump to his defense, with one Instagram user asking: “How isn’t Bryce loyal? He’s proven he’s loyal plenty of times.”

When it comes to Addison and Bryce at least, fans can breathe a sigh of relief that all is well between the pair, as one fan posted a video of a recent live that Hall did where he confirmed that he would be visiting Rae soon. He showed no indication that things were anything other than fine between the pair.

Given the cryptic nature of these Tweets, it is impossible to know for sure what is going on with Addison. Several fans pointed out that people shouldn’t “assume anything” about the TikTok star’s private life.

Referring to the Tweet Rae made on 27 February, one Instagram user pointed out that “she [Addison] deleted it for a reason.”