Rain lashes out at FaZe Clan and Banks for being “left on the streets”

FaZe Rain, FaZe Banks - YouTube

FaZe Clan co-owner Nordan “Rain” Shat is hitting out at the organization and co-founder Ricky Banks after being “kicked out” of the group in May, now alleging “unfair treatment” from his peers.

On May 28, Rain opened up about the situation in a heartfelt Tweet, admitting he’d been removed from the FaZe House because his “sad boy energy” was “too high.”

Rain also made sure to clarify that the development was “100% my fault” and asked fans not to lash out at the organization over the surprising decision.

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However, it seems that Rain’s attitude toward his removal from FaZe Clan has since turned sour, as evidenced by a series of Tweets posted on June 4 — a week after his initial posts on the subject.

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“FaZe is treating me so unfair,” Rain wrote. “After everything I did for you? After letting you not pay me back for 5 years and let it slide? . I’ve never been screwed over harder. NEVER.”

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That’s not all; Rain also alleged he’d been “left on the streets” in response to a concerned fan, leading Banks to speak out on the matter.

“That isn’t fucking true Nordan,” Banks replied. “We’ve offered you help numerous times. We’ve explored so many different options to help you solve your problem. You have shut them ALL down.”

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Rain went on to insinuate that he’d been encouraged to seek help from a mental health facility: “I came back to LA to try and be happy with you guys, and this is what happens.”

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Banks later confirmed that he’d encouraged his longtime org-mate to live in a separate apartment with a private nurse, which Rain argued by saying “I was told to go to a 30-day rehab facility acting like I’m a drug addict and can’t control myself,” clarifying that his comments weren’t made against Banks nor the other FaZe members.

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Banks shot back and claimed the co-owner was “conveniently leaving a lot out” of the story, and encouraged him to tell the entire tale on Twitter.

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The two have since come to a kind of agreement, with Rain confirming that the private nurse was his suggestion, which Banks wholeheartedly agreed with and vowed to “make it happen.”

This isn’t the first time FaZe Rain has battled with mental health issues, by far, admitting to fans in a summer 2018 video that he’d taken a break from uploading due to his struggle with depression.

The FaZe star likewise concerned fans with a string of Tweets in October 2019, where he wrote that he “didn’t want to be alive anymore.” We will continue to provide updates on this drama as more details are made available.

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