QTCinderella unveils new Twitch cooking series Master Baker

QTCinderella with Master Baker logoAnthony Padilla

Twitch star QTCinderalla has unveiled her new show Master Baker, putting seven streamers through a seven-day cooking competition.

The streaming industry continues to revolutionize, with more and more of our favorite creators taking on bigger projects and putting together studio-based shows.

Recently, we’ve seen the likes of Ludwig start his own creative agency, Offbrand, which helps creators put together events and shows — and even produced his popular Mogul Chessboxing Championship earlier in December.

Similarly, we’ve also seen xQc launch his own Nickelodeon-inspired show ‘Juiced’ — also produced by Ludwig’s Offbrand agency — which was an absolute hit with fans.

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Now, like many of her streaming peers, QTCinderella has unveiled her own project — a cooking competition spanning seven days that will air on Twitch.

QTCinderealla reveals new show

In a recent December 26 interview with Anthony Padilla, the 28-year-old streamer unveiled her new cooking show.

“I am doing the Master Baker,” she said. “Innuendo intended, it is my series on Twitch that I’m doing.”

Putting seven streamers through a seven-day competition, their skills will be put to the test as they attempt to memorize a recipe that they’ll have to bake just 24 hours later.

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“It’s going to be a seven-day competition with seven streamers. They’re going to receive a category of like a baked good — so brownies — 24 hours in advance, they have to learn that, then they have to show up, make it with no recipe.”

She added: “Someone gets eliminated each day.”

(Timestamp at 29:55)

A lot of details on the new show were kept under wraps. Though, the popular streamer did tease fans that there will be a special finale for the series — which was censored out of the video.

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It’s unclear when we’ll see the first episode of Master Baker, but fans are sure excited.

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