Pro boxer Gervonta Davis explains why he wouldn’t fight “clown” Jake Paul

Jake Paul vs Gervonta DavisInstagram/Jakepaul/gervontaa

Professional boxer Gervonta Davis revealed why he wouldn’t consider fighting Jake Paul for a ton of money, even though he thinks it would be an easy knockout win.

Jake Paul, along with his older brother Logan, have emerged as two of boxings biggest names. The two influencers have gone from YouTube stars to throwing hands with the likes of Floyd Mayweather and even former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Their bouts have attracted a lot of attention and there is some serious money involved, so much so that Jake is fighting Tommy Fury in December while Logan is reportedly duking it out with Mike Tyson in 2022.

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With no shortage of potential opponents, boxing champ Gervonta Davis weighed in on what he felt about Jake’s boxing skills and if he would ever step into the ring with him.

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Jake Paul is undefeated in boxing.

Gervonta Davis shuts down Jake Paul fight even for tons of cash

In an appearance on the Full Send podcast, Davis was asked for his thoughts on Jake Paul and simply stated that he believes the YouTuber to be a “clown.”

“Jake can’t fight,” he said and added that he’d “laugh” if his team suggested he fight the Problem Child in an actual match.

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As it turns out, even if there was big money involved, Davis still wouldn’t fight the younger Paul brother for one simple reason.

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“I feel like in my career I can’t do that right now. I say that because I haven’t put in enough work. I’m not a Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao or Canelo. I still have work to put in,” he explained. “That’s like me in eighth grade trying to do something to who has already done their schoolwork and sh*t.”

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According to Davis, if he fought Jake Paul now, people would view him as a “joke” and is taking his boxing career too seriously to get caught up in that right now.

So, if you were ever hoping for a potential fight between Davis and Jake Paul in the near future, it’s very unlikely to happen, at least not for quite a few years.

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