Pokimane slams backlash over “flexing her wealth” in viral makeup-free tweet

Virginia Glaze
Pokimane slams backlash over makeup free tweet

Twitch star Pokimane is hitting back at criticism for “flexing her wealth” in a viral tweet where she used her infamous makeup-free selfie.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys met up with fellow influencer Jidion on February 15 — nearly a month after he orchestrated a hate raid against her that resulted in his permanent suspension from Twitch.

Despite the overwhelming amount of harassment Pokimane received as a result of the raid, the two made it clear they are on good terms and even want to collab again in the future.

During their meetup, Jidion dared Pokimane to use her infamous makeup-free photo as a way to hit back at the haters — by using their own fodder against them.

jidion pokimane
Pokimane and Jidion’s unexpected collab instantly went viral.

“You should just tweet out that picture of you,” he said. “Just be like, ‘This face makes more money than you’ll ever see in your life.'”

True to her word, Pokimane accepted the dare and posted the tweet as soon as Jidion’s collab video went live.

Pokimane slams haters over makeup-free selfie

While the post was met with major acclaim from Pokimane’s fellow streamers and her fans, others felt as though she was unfairly flexing her wealth as a top streamer.

Anys hit back at this criticism in a live stream the following day, claiming that those criticizing her tweet are missing the full context of the situation.

“I hope you get that mad at multi-million or billion-dollar conglomerates that take advantage of their workers, in comparison to a random girl on the internet who’s been streaming and working hard for eight years to make her money and also employs numerous people at, if I do say so myself, pretty healthy and liveable amounts of money.”

Pokimane is Twitch’s most-followed female streamer and one of the platform’s most-followed content creators, overall.

“And who, toward the people who try to discredit her achievements via the way she looks without makeup, is sh*tting on them, saying you are likely not successful at all,” she continued.

“I do understand why people would be upset at others for flexing their wealth in general, but contextually, do these same people get mad when YouTubers showcase their brand-new Lambos?” Poki added.

It’s clear that Pokimane is proud of her hard-earned cash and isn’t afraid to put haters in their place — and neither is her friend and fellow streamer, Valkyrae, who also came to her defense over the post.