Pokimane reveals disturbing reason her video editor couldn’t do the job

Josh Taylor
Pokimane streaming on Twitch.

Pokimane left her Twitch viewers stumped after claiming that her former video editor said his reason for struggling to meet deadlines was because he was addicted to “touching himself” over the video footage she had sent.

On May 31, leading Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys was live and broke down the situation to her viewers.

According to Pokimane, years prior, she worked with various editors, but worked with one in particular because “his edits were really good.” However, she said he had “one major problem, which was that sometimes out of nowhere his videos would be a week or two late.”

Despite her claims that she attempted to resolve the issue numerous times, months had passed with the issue persisting. Pokimane said that eventually the video editor messaged her out of the blue and admitted the reasons for the lateness, as she recounted the events:

“Hey, do you have time to talk? I am ready to finally tell you why I have been struggling so much with deadlines. And I said ‘Oh great, hopefully this is something we can fix.'”

“Tell me why he proceeds to tell me that the reason why sometimes he would turn around videos a week or two late, is because he couldn’t stop touching himself.”

Pokimane added: “To me, his, in a way, employer of many, many months… When I tell you I have never halted a conversation so fast? Because I’m like, ‘You’re the person that I send hours of footage to, I don’t want to know more.”

The streamer explained that the editor stated it was “an addiction” and that because of her “first-hand experience seeing other people struggle with addiction,” she felt bad for him.

Pokimane stated she ended up paying him for months before ultimately deciding to work with different editors going forward, and has also clarified that this happened “years ago” in a follow up tweet.

Additionally, she claimed that the actions he took weren’t directed toward her, but that he had an addiction in a more broad sense.