Pokimane explains why OnlyFans-style platforms are “the future” amid Twitch changes

Michael Gwilliam
Pokimane streaming on twitch

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has responded to the platform’s new changes by suggesting that streamers take their talents to OnlyFans-like sites.

Twitch kicked off a massive firestorm on June 6 when details surrounding new rules on branded content were revealed, which restricted types of “burned-in” advertisements.

Amid the backlash, many big names, such as Asmongold, threatened to leave Twitch for rival websites like Kick and Rumble and called for a boycott of the Amazon-owned platform.

Even after Twitch issued an apology, it too was met with criticism – and Pokimane further chimed in, urging streamers to make changes in order to get proper compensation for their content.

Pokimane says OnlyFans and other sites are better for content creators

In a post on her personal Twitter account, Anys noted how content creation was becoming “saturated,” with there being a ton of options for streaming and too many choices.

In addition to Twitch, creators also have Kick, YouTube, TikTok and even Facebook if they’re feeling especially masochistic.

“I feel like because content creation is becoming so saturated [and] we often have trouble relying on the platforms we use, the future is direct to consumer paid content,” Pokimane said.

She then proceeded to list several examples such as OnlyFans, Patreon and consumer goods, adding how these platforms allow creators to make much more money. That said, Poki has insisted that she won’t be joining OnlyFans, despite many viewers wanting her to.

“Cut out the middle man and get proper compensation for what you make/do!” she exclaimed.

However, this wouldn’t mean cutting out social media, as they serve immense importance in discoverability. Pokimane added: “Social media platforms will obviously always be used, but I think people will start looking at them as tools to gain exposure instead of being the way to make money.”

Whether or not others take her comments to heart or if Pokimane is hinting at changes she has in the works remain to be seen. Regardless, she is just the latest to seemingly encourage creators to seek out other avenues as Twitch faces backlash for its recent updates.

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