VTuber star Ironmouse smashes Kkatamina’s Twitch subscriber record

Ironmouse smiling on streamTwitch: Ironmouse

VShojo’s Ironmouse has always been near the top of the VTuber rankings on Twitch, but now she’s smashing general records. The mighty mouse has overtaken Kim ‘kkatamina’ Mi-young’s 73,623-peak record to become the most subbed to female Twitch streamer ever.

Ironmouse’s loud personality has won the hearts of fans globally. From singing to her chat (when she feels well), to joining CDawgVA on trips around Japan, and generally yelling while playing games, she has catapulted to the top of Twitch.

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Now, the VTuber star, who is the biggest Twitch streamer of her kind, has now smashed one of the platform’s biggest records. She has overtaken kkatamina as the most subbed to female Twitch streamer ever with more than 74,000 subscribers.

It stalled at just below 73,000 for some time ⁠— her subathon still had around 15 hours on it ⁠— but once everyone got wind of the record, they pushed for it. They cranked the music, with a hype train pushing more than 1,000 subs and getting her across the line.

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This got an even bigger cheer from her stream, which featured other VShojo stars like Nyanners: “What?”

Even Connor, CDawg, came in to celebrate the achievement with her. The two have been close ever since they first collaborated, and his presence brightened up the stream for Mouse.

She also broke 1 million followers during the stream, with friends far and wide coming to celebrate the great achievement. Even her family joined in, with her mother and brother sending her support.

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“Thank you all so much,” she said through tears on stream. “I don’t even know what’s happening right now.”

“Words cannot express what I am feeling right now,” she added on Twitter. “I can’t stop crying. Thank you all for all your love and thank you for joining me on this crazy journey. Let’s have many more adventures together. Thank you for changing my life. I love you all so much.”

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Her 74,573 (and climbing) subscribers puts her at 12th on the overall list, and with the subathon still going on, it’s likely that she can breeze past NICKMERCS, Pestily, and HasanAbi to break into the top 10.

Ironmouse’s subathon has been one of the most successful on Twitch. Since going live round the clock on February 5, the VTuber has averaged around 12,000 viewers, peaking at over 20,000.

She has spent most of it chilling with her chat, but has also played some games like Pokemon, Apex Legends, and Jump King.

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However, this subathon has cemented Ironmouse’s place as the premiere VTuber on Twitch ⁠— and she’s only going to keep catapulting to the top of the platform full stop. After all, there’s at least 21 hours of shenanigans to go (at the time of publishing) thanks to the sub train push.

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