Pokimane accuses top male streamer of “berating” her over revealing photo

Michael Gwilliam
pokimane poses for camera on instagram

Pokimane says one of the top male streamers began “berating” her after she posted a photo of her in a low-cut bright pink suit.

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has been exposing more and more about her life on her Spotify podcast ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ and revealed the disturbing actions of a male streamer in a June 4 episode.

“Thing I never spoke about publicly, but one time I posted this photo,” she said, pulling up the image on her screen. “It was a photo of me in this bright pink suit, which like, if you know me, you know I love a good suit business woman and it was kind of low cut.”

According to Pokimane, the suit was a bit revealing because “the girls were out a little bit.” The photo was uploaded to X back in July 2022 along with the caption, “anybody need a sugar momma?”

Right after she posted the photo, Anys said a big male streamer messaged her and went “cooky beans.”

“He starts being so mean. He’s like, ‘I know you just posted that for attention’ and ‘I bet your dad is real proud of you, huh?’ And I’m like, ‘no, actually, my dad is really proud of me.’ He just berated me in my Discord DMs, which I found to be so odd,” she recalled.

The Twitch icon further noted that this streamer had a history of posting shirtless photos of himself and accused him of being hypocritical.

“As soon as I have a little bit of cleavage, you burn me at the stake,” she slammed before addressing why she wouldn’t say his name.

“I’ve always low-key wanted to expose him, but at the time, I just didn’t want that smoke. I had enough smoke all the freaking time and now his career kind of…” she began to gesture downward, indicating that his career took a dip. “It’s gone down a little bit. So, I think he would only profit from me saying his name.”

Pokimane has been sharing new info about her career on her podcast.

Pokimane says her viewers could probably guess who this was even though she wouldn’t reveal the streamer’s identity.

“We were not dating. We were not doing anything like that. To be fair, I think he might have felt kind of rejected from past things. Maybe he just wanted to go off on me,” she added. “You would not believe the weird sh*t that people say behind the scenes.”

This new revelation comes just days after Pokimane exposed her former editor for not finishing projects on time because he was too busy “touching himself” – something that VTubers say is the reason why they don’t want to show their faces on camera.

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