Pokimane’s highly anticipated collab with Jidion is taking the internet by storm

jidion pokimaneJiDion

The highly-anticipated collaboration between Twitch star Pokimane and streamer Jidion has finally been released, showing the two influencers officially squashing their beef.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is Twitch’s most-followed female streamer who was targeted with a hate raid orchestrated by influencer Jidion and his fanbase.

The raid turned into a weeks-long debacle that saw Anys and her fans receive intense harassment from internet trolls who rode in on the coattails of Jidion’s initial raid.

Jidion ended up publicly apologizing to Pokimane for the incident and was ultimately permanently banned from Twitch.

Jidion announces surprise collab with Pokimane after hate raid dramaTwitter: Jidion
Jidion surprised the internet by announcing an apparent truce with Pokimane, nearly a month after his hate raid copped him a permanent ban on Twitch.

It seemed like matters were mostly settled when Jidion posted a totally unexpected selfie with Pokimane earlier this month. The two confirmed that a collaboration had taken place and would go live a few weeks later.

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Jidion uploaded the video on February 15, showing the two getting together for a Chick-Fil-A mukbang to hash out the tough questions between them.

Pokimane said that she forgives Jidion and doesn’t believe him to be a “sexist or a misogynist,” but merely thinks he “exhibited certain behaviors or said certain things that you didn’t realize are kinda sexist.”

Pokimane staying on twitchTwitter: pokimanelol
Pokimane is Twitch’s most-followed female streamer. She recently re-signed with the platform after he previous two-year contract with the platform expired.

She also pushed Jidion on why he set her infamous makeup-free selfie as his Twitter profile picture after initially getting banned from Twitch.

Jidion admitted that he had been fairly drunk at the time, but urged Pokimane to lean into the humor in the situation and even advised her to post the photo with the caption: “This face makes more money than you ever will” — which she did, right when the video was posted.

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“Poki is good with me,” Jidion said. “I f**k with Poki. You guys f**k with Poki. Ninja, please don’t sue her. She’s cool.”

Overall, it seems that these two have officially made amends with each other and even hope to collaborate more in the future.

The video is already nearing half a million views just an hour after being posted, showing that interest is certainly there between two streamers whose beef took the internet by storm just weeks ago.