Twitch denies Jidion’s permanent ban appeal after Pokimane “hate raid”

jidion perma banned on twitch

After Twitch permanently banned controversial streamer Jidion, he filed an appeal to have the ban reverted to its original 14-day length. However, Twitch has denied his appeal due to the level of abuse Jidion exhibited.

On January 12th, popular Twitch streamer Pokimane was forced to end her stream early due to a “hate raid” from fellow streamer Jidion. Two days after the raid, Jidion received a 14-day suspension from Twitch for targeted harassment, threats, and hateful conduct.

Various internet personalities come to Pokimane’s aid and stood up against “sexist” tendencies when it comes to female streamers. However, other streamers like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins were called out for their actions during the situation.

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During this time, Twitch upgraded Jidion’s temporary suspension to a permanent ban. While Jidion has apologized for his actions and admits he deserved the ban, he felt the change in his sentence was unfair. This led to the streamer filing an appeal.

Twitch denies Jidion’s ban appeal

jidion banned from twitchJidion (Twitch)
Jidion was permanently banned from Twitch after sending his viewers to harass Pokimane.

Despite Jidion’s efforts to find a way back on Twitch, he was ultimately unsuccessful. Jidion posted a screenshot of an email from Twitch on Twitter on January 19. The email showed Twitch denying Jidion’s ban appeal.

According to Twitch, Jidion’s actions were too severe to warrant a ban appeal. “Your account is indefinitely suspended due to repeated or severe Terms of Service or Community Guidelines violations,” the notice read. “We do not unsuspend accounts for this level of abuse.”

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Jidion captioned the tweet, “It’s all my fault boys. I promise I’ll do better”.

A few of Jidion’s fans replied to the tweet with “L + Pokimane” or images of them continuing to harass Pokimane during her stream. However, Jidion replied to these tweets telling his fans to leave Pokimane alone and saying that he was the one who needed to take an “L.”

For now, it seems as if Jidion’s arc in this situation has come to an end. However, Pokimane is still seeking answers, starting with Ninja’s lack of clarification for his actions.