Pokimane reveals why she’s not prioritizing Twitch & YouTube content in 2023

Pokimane streaming on twitchTwitch/Pokimane

Twitch streaming sensation Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has revealed her goals for 2023 and for the first time ever, she’s putting content on the back burner.

Pokimane’s time online in 2022 was filled with incredible moments From leading the charge against gambling on Twitch to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, the year had its share of ups and downs.

Things took a sharp turn in July when the Moroccan-Canadian took a hiatus from content to reset her mental health before finally returning in September to a revamped Twitch streaming schedule.

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With Pokimane already focusing less on her Twitch content and more on TikTok, it seems like 2023 is going to be a lot less busy for the 26-year-old.

Pokimane explains plans to “evolve” in 2023

On her personal Twitter account, Pokimane revealed that beginning in the new year, she has completely updated her priorities in order to better herself.

pokimane private twitter goalsTwitter
Pokimane revealed her big goals for 2023.

According to Anys, her primary goals in 2023 are to “experience new things” and “get into the best shape of her life.”

She went on to explain that this would mean focusing less on streaming on Twitch and making YouTube videos, but suggested that this choice would be better for her in the long run.

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“This might be the first year where content isn’t a priority of mine,” she added. “But I think it’s better to explore, evolve, and output more when I feel like it.”

Pokimane streaming 2023Twitter
Pokimane might be streaming a bit less in 2023.

We’ll have to see how the year plays out for Pokimane, but with the streamer vowing to get in top physical shape, maybe there’s even a chance we see her fight another influencer in an upcoming boxing event.

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