Pokimane shuts down idea of Corinna Kopf fight: “I need a good reason”

Pokimane Corinna Kopf fightTwitch: Pokimane

Pokimane has addressed why she won’t fight Corinna Kopf despite the two going back and forth online about the issue of promoting gambling during Twitch streams. 

During her recent interview on the Banter podcast, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys explained why she won’t be boxing Corinna “pouty girl” Kopf. At the end of September, Kopf called out Poki for her position on promoting gambling during Twitch streams. Poki was quick to fire back on the call out and as a result, the two traded blows online for a couple of days before the situation diffused.

During her chat with the Banter boys, the topic of Poki’s online beef with Kopf was brought up, one of the hosts then asking if she would ever consider stepping inside the ring with her.

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“To be honest, no,” was Pokimane’s immediate response before the content creator then dove into the “two reasons” why she doesn’t want to fight Kopf.

“For starters, if I’m going to fight someone I need a good reason,” explaining that “being annoying on Twitter” isn’t a good enough reason and that the kind of online discussion they found themselves in “doesn’t really bother” Pokimane.

The second reason that Pokimane put forward is that she does not want to get involved with her or engage with her community and followers again. 

“I saw when she had tweeted about me, the replies were so disgusting that I knew I wanted to stay as far away as possible from her and her followers or whoever. Not my cup of tea.”

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However, Pokimane did add that she would be more inclined to “really go off” at someone if they were “to do something to someone that I care about a lot.”

Before moving on, Pokimane did once again clarify her comments about Twitch’s gambling promotion issue and how she thinks that type of content should not be advertised to such a young audience.

“Honestly my take wasn’t even ‘don’t gamble’, it was ‘let’s just not promote gambling on a website where it is like fifty to seventy percent kids’. Actually I can’t say those stats for sure but there are a lot of younger viewers on Twitch that should not be advertised to in that regard.”

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