Is Pokimane leaving Twitch? Streamer hints at departure in cryptic statement

Virginia Glaze
Pokimane claims industry pro faked relationship with her

Pokimane has hinted that she may be leaving Twitch after a decade of streaming on the platform, leaving fans shocked.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the most-followed streamers on Twitch, as well as its most-followed female streamer, overall.

Over the years, Pokimane has become synonymous with Twitch and was even the face of the site’s mobile application on the Apple App Store.

Although many longtime Twitch streamers have jumped ship to rival platforms like YouTube and Kick, Pokimane has remained staunchly loyal to Twitch this entire time… until now.


Fans convinced Pokimane is leaving Twitch amid cryptic statement

On January 30, 2024, Pokimane posted a screenshot of Twitch’s app on the App Store, which featured her face in its promotional images.

“The end of an era,” she wrote. “Twitch has been my home for a decade… but it’s time to say thank you for all the memories and love during my League, Fortnite, & Among Us days.”

Pokimane seemed to back up this statement in a separate post on her Instagram stories, where she revealed she “teared up” making her initial statement.


Fans instantly went into the comments section seeking clarity – and although Pokimane hasn’t outright said that she’s leaving Twitch at the time of writing, she has admitted that “many tears” were shed in her latest decision.

Twitch responds to Pokimane seemingly leaving platform

It wasn’t long before Twitch chimed in on the subject, responding to Pokimane’s tweet with a statement of their own.

“What an incredible journey it’s been. We’re so proud of everything you’ve accomplished and what’s ahead in the future. You’ll always have a home on Twitch, Poki.”

Pokimane to explain rumors of leaving Twitch in podcast episode

That’s not all: Pokimane also revealed that she will be explaining her cryptic posts on an episode of her ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ podcast on January 31.


This latest move from Pokimane follows a major shift in her content over the past year. In 2022, Pokimane revealed that she would be streaming on Twitch less in favor of making more content on YouTube and TikTok.

Pokimane has also been taking a lot of personal time lately to do things like camping with friends and prioritize her physical and mental health.

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