Ludwig responds to Sykkuno moving to YouTube: “Is it a mistake?”

ludwig-sykkuno-youtube-switchYouTube: Mogul Mail/Twitch: Sykkuno

Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren has shared his take on the surprise announcement that Twitch streamer ‘Sykkuno’ is leaving the platform for YouTube. Having shared his struggles with YouTube since switching to the platform, fans were eager to hear if Ludwig thought the move was a “mistake.”

Sykkuno shocked fans on May 2 after announcing that he had signed an exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming. As a result, it meant he would be leaving his 4 million followers on Twitch.

One streaming giant who similarly rocked the community after switching to YouTube was Ludwig, who has certainly enjoyed some highs and lows since the change. For example, while his recent all-star poker livestream proved incredibly successful, he has also been hit with several DMCA-related bans in the past.

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Ludwig has now shared his thoughts about Sykkuno’s big announcement and whether his fellow streamer has made a “mistake” with the change.

Ludwig staring at camera with youtube logoYouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig shocked fans in November 2021 with the announcement that he was moving to YouTube from Twitch.

Ludwig praises Sykkuno for YouTube move

On May 3, Ludwig broke down why he thought Sykkuno had made a good decision leaving Twitch for YouTube. Although he ultimately praised Sykkuno for the move, he also weighed up the pros and cons of streaming for both platforms.

“Sykkuno makes a lot of sense for the switch. I think he has friends on here like me and like Valkyrae and his content mostly revolves around him gaming…He has a loyal fanbase.”

However, Ludwig argued that streamers like Mizkif and Hasan would “struggle” on YouTube due to the fact they produce a lot of ‘react’ content that is “dead” on the platform. He claimed: “If you’re a reactor and that’s your main content, YouTube just doesn’t, at the moment, have a hospitable place for you.”

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Ludwig claims he is “happy” he moved to YouTube

Ludwig didn’t hold back in sharing the struggles he still has on YouTube. This included issues with the site’s layout to help viewers find a livestream and the problems for creators trying to upload them.

Yet, while his livestream views have wavered, Ludwig claimed that his video views have enjoyed huge success on the platform since the change.

Not only that, but Ludwig said he now enjoys “a better overall lifestyle” and that he was “happy” he switched to YouTube. Particularly, due to the fact, that he was no longer “funded by viewers.”

“Overall, I’m very happy with the move and I’ve got to do a lot of f*cking cool things that I would never be able to do normally,” Ludwig said. “I think Sykkuno made a really good decision and I’m excited for him to be on YouTube.”

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