Pokimane weighs in on Twitch streaming vs “real job” debate

Virginia Glaze

Pokimane has finally weighed in on the viral debate about the difficulties of being a Twitch streamer versus having a “real job” that was first sparked by Hasan.

Popular Twitch streamer and political commentator ‘Hasan’ kicked off a huge debate in February 2024 after claiming that streaming drained his “social battery” more than working a “real job” ever did.

“Yes, a real job can be gruesome, a real job can make you very tired, but a real job doesn’t suck the soul out of you the same way that nine hours of streaming absolutely will,” he said.

His comments quickly went viral, sparking outrage from netizens and prompting other top creators to weigh in with their opinions on the subject. It was a mixed bag; Asmongold found himself agreeing with Hasan, while xQc claimed he would “much rather sit on my dumba**” than deal with customers and clients in real life.

Twitch streamer Hasan is facing backlash over his comments on streaming vs “regular jobs.”

Now, another top streamer has finally given their two cents on the issue weeks after the debate swept social media.

Pokimane says Twitch streaming isn’t a “difficult job”

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the most popular streamers on the net and the most-followed woman on Twitch. However, after her contract with the site ended earlier this year, she’s made her issues with the platform very clear and currently has no exclusivity with any company.

Given her status as a top content creator, fans were surprised that she hadn’t made any comments about Hasan’s divisive stance on streaming vs “real jobs” — but on March 4, she finally brought it up during a broadcast.

“Streaming is so hard… off of a laptop,” she said, before catching herself and clarifying what she actually meant.

“That was not me saying streaming is ‘so hard,’ by the way,” she explained. “Streaming is not the hardest job you can have, for sure, by far. I do not think streaming is a difficult job. I just wanna make that very clear.”

Her humorous verbal stumble into finally addressing the debate prompted some laughs from viewers, who found it funny that she immediately clarified her stance on the touchy topic after realizing what she’d said.

Pokimane is just the latest streamer to comment on Hasan’s viral remarks after YouTube star Ludwig got dragged into the drama after deleting a video discussing the topic — something fans theorized took place because Hasan clearly wasn’t happy with his take on the ordeal.