Pokimane cracks up at Ninja mysteriously quitting social media

Pokimane reacts to Ninja social media hiatusYouTube: Pokimane / Twitter, Instagram: Ninja

Pokimane couldn’t help but laugh after checking out Ninja’s Twitter profile after the streaming star mysteriously left social media, leaving fans curious and confused.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is one of the biggest streamers on the internet — but he’s suddenly disappeared from social media, sparking concern and confusion from his viewers.

On September 1, fans noticed that the streamer’s Twitter profile had gotten somewhat of a makeover, with his banner displaying a message that reads “Time Out” (the antithesis of his signature catchphrase and the name of his Adidas collab, “Time In”).

His username is now listed as ‘User Not Found,’ and his profile picture is the default Twitter egg.

Ninja Twitter bannerTwitter: Ninja

That’s not all; Ninja’s partnership with Twitch has seemingly ended, as the ‘subscribe’ button is now gone from his channel.

He also published a Tweet that some believe hints at a possible YouTube partnership, saying “I just need a break…I don’t know when I will be back, or where.”

Pokimane, Valkyrae & Hasan react to Ninja’s new Twitter profile

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, another massively popular streamer (and the most-followed woman on Twitch) shared her reaction to Ninja’s mysterious move during a live stream with Hasan, Valkyrae, and others — and she couldn’t help but crack up after seeing the streamer’s Twitter banner.

“Why did he change his username to ‘User Not Found?'” Poki asked after looking up his profile. “I mean, I respect that, but what the heck is ‘User Not Found’ thing? I feel like that’s a little intense.”

“His banner is ‘Time Out,'” Valkyrae pointed out. “He’s taking a break. No profile pic, ‘Time Out’ banner. He went all out for this.”

“Wait, but tell me how you made a whole banner, but then you just have the egg profile and ‘User Not Found’?” she laughed. “Someone said it’s a marketing scheme. I guess we’ll see. …I feel like he could have done all this, just not change the icon or name.”

Hasan posed that Ninja is merely “marketing for his next move” — although what that move is, we still have yet to find out.

For now, it looks like Pokimane feels that Ninja’s social media hiatus is a bit extra… but fans just have to wait and see if the payoff is worth it when, or where, he chooses to return.