Player #067 from MrBeast’s viral Squid Game video has internet losing its mind

Brad Norton
MrBeast Squid Game 067

Similar to how Jung Ho-yeon broke the internet for her portrayal of Kang Sae-byeok in Squid Game, Player #067 in MrBeast’s YouTube rendition has now done the same. Here’s everything we know.

After weeks of anticipation, MrBeast’s take on Squid Game finally hit YouTube on November 24. From recreating full-scale sets to including 456 players, the viral video certainly lived up to the show that inspired it.

While every participant seemed to be a random draw, one, in particular, was quick to set social media on fire. Player #067, the same number of Kang Sae-byeok from the Netflix series, has already gone viral.

With thousands of viewers trying to learn more, here’s a quick rundown of everything we know about Player #067 in MrBeast’s Squid Game YouTube video.

Who is Player #067 from MrBeast’s Squid Game?

camilla_ara on Instagram
Camilla Araujo is Player #067 from MrBeast’s Squid Game video.

Player #067 from Mr Beast’s Squid Game is Camilla Araujo, a model from Texas. Araujo’s social media accounts have been blowing up since the MrBeast video dropped this week.

She now boasts a combined 200,000+ followers across TikTok and Instagram at the time of writing. Araujo admits she has been taken back by the outpouring of support. “Thank you for all the love and support I’ve been getting,” she said on Instagram.

With her Squid Game-related posts now going viral as well, she’s even promising to reveal new details over the coming days. “Blow this up and I’ll do a storytime on the [behind the scenes] of what really happened,” she added on TikTok.

While Araujo didn’t quite make it to the final challenge to claim the $456,000 prize, it’s clear she’s still reaping the rewards with her growth across social media.

Internet melts down over Player #067

It only took the internet a few hours to go crazy over Player #067 in MrBeast’s video. “Y’all simping for the Netflix #067 and the MrBeast #067, y’all wild,” one viral tweet joked.

“What’s with #067 always being a baddie?” content creator HawksNest chimed in.

Little else is known about Araujo outside of her presence on social media.

Her follower count is sure to continue skyrocketing though, as MrBeast’s Squid Game video rakes in millions of views on YouTube.