MrBeast shares first look inside ambitious Squid Game YouTube project

Brad Norton
A scene from Squid Game next to Mr Beast inside a vault

YouTube sensation MrBeast is gearing up for the biggest Squid Game recreation on the internet. Before filming gets underway, fans now have a good idea of what to expect, with the star sharing photos of the set.

Whether you’ve seen the record-shattering Netflix series or not, there’s no denying that Korean drama Squid Game has taken social media by storm.

We’ve already seen video game recreations, Halloween costumes going viral on TikTok, and even a few high-profile renditions with popular YouTubers. But all the while, everyone has been waiting to see how MrBeast, one of the internet’s biggest stars, is preparing to go above and beyond.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait much longer as filming is set to get underway shortly. Before 456 real contestants start the first ‘deadly’ game (no one should actually die in MrBeast’s show, unlike the original), we now have our first look inside MrBeast’s ambitious project.

A picture of MrBeast inside Squid Game set
MrBeast’s take on Squid Game looks to be a 1:1 recreation.

“The Squid Game sets are coming together,” MrBeast shared in a November 3 Twitter post.

Three accompanying pictures reveal near-identical recreations of the set design from the original show.

First up we see the YouTuber adding some paint to the walls of Red Light, Green Light, the opening challenge.

Next is a larger-than-life swing set featured in the Dalgona game where contestants have to carve out perfect shapes from a batch of honeycomb.

Last we see the biggest set on display, a full-scale remake of the village seen throughout the heart-breaking marble challenge from Episode 6.

It’s clear MrBeast is aiming for a direct take on the hit Netflix series, rather than presenting his own unique games. That’s not to say we won’t see some original ideas in his YouTube project, though.

We already know MrBeast was stumped for ideas on how to realize the tug of war challenge from Squid Game. The YouTuber even asked fans for inspiration before settling on something mysterious.

There’s currently no telling just when MrBeast’s Squid Game video will go live. But with sets almost ready, filming could begin shortly with 456 contestants all ready to go.

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