Pickpocket returns wallet after being caught red-handed on Twitch IRL stream

IRL Twitch streamer Giannie Lee has had her share of run-ins with some unsavory individuals on her travels, from encountering racists in Cologne to now a ruthless pickpocket in London.

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As Giannie and her partner were walking through a quiet part of the city on the evening of May 20, a man could be seen shuffling around closely behind them.

From the viewers perspective, it soon became clear that the man was reaching into Giannie’s partner’s back pocket, before quickly moving away and getting ahead of them.

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Twitter / Giannie LeeGiannie Lee streams her travels around the world on Twitch.

Immediately noticing that his wallet had been ‘dropped’, her partner swiveled round to look on the ground for his missing belongings, with the pickpocket already far ahead.

However, it appears that the thief may have realized that Giannie had been filming, even streaming, the entire situation, as she turned the camera to face him in the background.

Or, perhaps the thief simply wasn’t interested in the contents of the wallet – either way, he chose to ‘return’ it, pretending he had just spotted it on the ground, as though it had in fact been dropped.

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Giannie has been streaming much of her trips around Europe on Twitch, and has made headlines previously after being subjected to multiple racist encounters during her time in Germany.

While at a restaurant, two German men mocked her ethnicity, playing up for the camera, but likely not realizing that the incident was being livestreamed, as well as recorded.

These repeated incidents show that even if you are clearly filming, and even livestreaming to the world, it may not be enough to keep you safe while traveling big cities.