Twitch streamer shocks viewers after showing incredibly disgusting keyboard

A Twitch streamer sent his viewers into a frenzy after showing them his keyboard, which turned out to be one of the most gruesome things many of them had probably ever seen. 

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Most Twitch streamers spend a majority of their daily life using their PC, which can result in peripherals such as mouses and keyboards to end up getting dirty quickly.

The issue is, if these parts aren’t cleaned consistently, then they can become a horrifying sight, which is what happened to streamer ‘Payo.’

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During his livestream on May 20, Payo showed his keyboard to his chat in order to prove to them that his hands were too small to successfully reach certain keys at the same time.

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Payo - TwitchTwitch streamer Payo wasn’t afraid to show how dirty his keyboard actually was.
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However, there came a point during the sequence when he touched the number pad on the right side of the keyboard, after which he said he had to go wash his hands.

 “Oh dude I touched the right side of my keyboard, I need to go wash my hands guys,” he said. “I usually never wash this side. There’s like hair! I’ll be back guys, because I usually touch only the left side.”

He then proceeded to move his facecam close to the right side of the keyboard, revealing a truly horrifying sight, as dirt, hair, and muck could be seen in and around the number pad. 

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Payo - TwitchThe sight of this keyboard horrified many of Payo’s viewers in the chat.

As expected, most of the viewers were absolutely shocked at the state of Payo’s keyboard, with many expressing their disgust in the chat.

Funnily enough, despite all the outrage in the chat, the streamer simply laughed it off and went to wash his hands. 

Other streamers with gross setups

Payo is not the only Twitch streamer to have been called out for having some part of his PC setup be terribly dirty. 

Just a few weeks ago, xQc’s viewers were made witness to a horror show when the star streamer showed them his messy work station

That was preceded by Tyler1 showing his untidy setup on stream, which was exposed by his girlfriend Macaiyla while he was in Germany for TwitchCon Europe. 

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At the end of the day, if Twitch superstars like xQc and Tyler1 are comfortable with their setups being messy, then maybe Payo has no reason to feel bad about his keyboard debacle.