Shroud confronts Apex Legends hacker to find out why he cheats

Twitch: Shroud

Michael ‘Apex Legends player about why he cheats.

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Thanks to his time as a professional CS:GO player, there are few streamers on Twitch who could go toe-to-toe with shroud on a first-person shooter, as his incredible aim and impressive mechanical skills see him dominate any game he plays.

On May 19 though, it was the streamer who found himself being crushed by an opponent, leading to an interesting in-game conversation between shroud and the apparent hacker.

Respawn EntertainmentShroud found himself in a match with an aimbotter, and wanted to find out why he cheats.
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Shroud encounters a hacker on Apex Legends

While playing Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale title, shroud ran into an enemy player, who immediately took the former CS:GO pro down, giving him no chance in the firefight.

“This guy owns,” a bewildered shroud told his audience. “He just destroyed me, Jesus Christ. Is that guy cheating? Yup. I was wondering why I got owned so hard.”

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Shroud continued to watch the hacker, as he took down another team with ease, with the streamer musing that the cheater had a “vendetta against streamers” due to his in-game username, ‘ImaTTVCringeKid.’

What confused shroud the most was why he chose to cheat, with the Canadian explaining to his chat: “The sad part isn’t that he’s cheating, the sad part is that he’s actually not bad at the game, and he’s cheating.

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“This guy could actually have a good time playing the game normally, but instead he’s just aimbotting. He has good movement – his movement’s pretty fucking good – if he just played normally he could do pretty well.”

Shroud interviews Apex Legends cheater

Realizing that shroud was watching his gameplay, the cheater alerted the Twitch streamer that he was watching his broadcast, prompting him to start an impromptu interview with the hacker.

“Why do you cheat?” asked shroud, telling him to draw his answer by shooting bullets into the wall, causing the player to start carving the letters “IDK” into the rockface. “‘I don’t know.’ Okay. So you don’t know why you cheat. Listen man, your gameplay is actually not bad. You could probably feel much better about yourself killing these dudes [by] playing normally.”

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Shroud had one final question for the hacker, enquiring as to what age he was. The streamer and his audience watched intently as he moved his weapon to create the shape of “25” with his reticle.

The former CS:GO pro concluded: “Okay, you’re 25 years old. That’s all I needed to know. He’s a 25 year old child. There’s no way he’s 25, that’s a lie. There’s no way a 25 year old would act like that.”

While Apex Legends had a relatively bug-and-hacker-free start to life, the game has become overrun by issues and players who use programs to give themselves an advantage over other players.

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While Respawn Entertainment continue to ban players who are caught cheating, more seem to spring up all the time, either unworried or unaware of the possibility of getting banned from the game entirely by the developers.

With hackers continuing to appear in Apex Legends, it seems extremely unlikely that this is the last time the human aimbot will encounter his virtual counterpart.