Korean Twitch streamer mocked by racists again during live broadcast in Germany

Giannie Lee, Twitch

Popular Korean Twitch streamer Giannie Lee was the subject of overt racism during an IRL broadcast in Berlin, Germany – but that wasn’t the only hate she received during her trip, by far.

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Lee was in the midst of yet another IRL stream when she was accosted by a male stranger as she walked, who shouted “Ching chong!” into the camera in an attempt to mock Asian languages.

Lee wasn’t impressed by his antics and asked, “What are you talking about?” in retaliation, prompting the bystander to ask where she was from.

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Popular Korean Twitch streamer Giannie Lee has been the subject of overt racism throughout her stay in Berlin, Germany, recording three separate instances of harassment by strangers during her livstreams.

“South Korea?” the stranger queried. “Very nice, I’m from Turkey.”

While the bystander’s vitriol seemed to lessen as he waved goodbye to the audience, beer in hand, Lee wasn’t quelled by his attempt at conversation.

“Racist, right?” she asked her viewers. “He said, ‘Ching chong,’ right? ‘Is it going to be like this everyday?’ Probably…”

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Lee’s continuous brushes with racism in Berlin

That’s not all; Lee was also the target of yet another racist bystander during the same stream, who shouted ‘Ni hao!’ into her camera – prompting Lee to explain that she was a South Korean native.

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This wouldn’t be the first time Lee has been accosted by racists during her stream in Germany; she was likewise harassed by two strangers while eating dinner during a broadcast on April 18, who pulled at the corners of their eyes while they made a mockery of Asian languages.

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Despite their overt racism, Lee managed to stay calm and collected, coolly explaining to the strangers that they were being watched by hundreds of people online before they left her table.

Killing them with kindness

Lee went on to ask her audience to forgive the two men, claiming that their behavior was childlike.

“But it’s okay,” she said of the incident. “It can be okay. He’s just a kid to me, right? He’s too young to…. Forgive him.”

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While viewers were awed at Lee’s handling of the initial incident, they were left angered by the second and third occurrences, with some wondering why the streamer chose to stay in Berlin after being profiled in such an aggressive manner.

Lee has yet to respond to either of the incidents via her Twitter account.

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