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Corpse Husband teases new collab song with metal band Bring Me The Horizon

Published: 26/May/2021 13:56

by Lauren Bergin


Faceless YouTube sensation Corpse Husband has a blossoming music career, and now he’s dropping hints at a future collaboration with iconic 2000s metal group, Bring Me the Horizon (BMTH). 

While Corpse Husband‘s identity may be a secret, his musical prowess isn’t. The faceless YouTuber has released hit after hit during his short stint in the limelight, and has teased that more in on the way.

Collaborations include names like Machine Gun Kelly and Savage Ga$p, but the streamer has his sights set on something a little more metal.

Turns out the plan is to snag a spot alongside iconic 2000s metal behemoths, Bring Me the Horizon.


Bring me the Horizon
Joshua Gordon
Bring Me the Horizon have been featured on millions of playlists throughout the years.

Corpse teases track with Bring Me the Horizon

During the Among Us stream that saw Corpse gather up the likes of Sykkuno, Disguised Toast and Valkyrae, the anonymous YouTube star dropped some subtle hints at a possible collaboration with musical icons, BMTH.

In the short clip, Corpse asks his viewers “what if I did a song with Bring Me the Horizon? That’d be crazy.” He reiterates this by noting “that would be f**king wild, right?”

Musically, both artists have a similar style, and therefore it would make a lot of sense to see them come together to cause some absolute chaos.

Corpse X BMTH sends fans spiraling

Many fans of Corpse’s music have no doubt dipped their toes into the BMTH ocean, therefore it’s not difficult to imagine the reaction this short clip has received.


With the original Twitter poster writing “look at him just dropping this BOMB,” other fans have jumped in to express their excitement.

One fan responded with a meme simply captioned, “WAIT, WHAT,” but it perfectly sums up the community’s sentiment.

Another user noted that their “heart is about to stop,” but hopefully not as they wouldn’t be around to witness the results of this mysterious collab.

A final comment made reference to Corpse’s nonchalant approach to the statement, writing that he just “dropped that and moved on.”

It’ll be interesting to see what sort of musical concoction the artists cook up together if there is indeed a future Corpse Husband X BMTH collaboration, but for now, we’ve just got to cross our fingers and hope!