PewDiePie mocks “simps” who donate to Twitch “egirls” Pokimane & BadBunny - Dexerto

PewDiePie mocks “simps” who donate to Twitch “egirls” Pokimane & BadBunny

Published: 9/Mar/2020 21:12 Updated: 10/Mar/2020 11:16

by Brent Koepp


During his March 9 upload, YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg roasted “simp” Twitch viewers who donate to streamers like Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys & BadBunny.

PewDiePie continues to dominate on YouTube, with millions of viewers flooding his channel thanks to his meme-based humor that has captivated his audience. Unsurprisingly, he remains the largest content creator on YouTube in 2020 based on subscribers, with nobody coming close to eclipsing his standing at the top of the mountain.

As always, the Swede has his finger on the pulse of memes, and the 30-year-old brought his signature wit and sarcasm on Monday, March 9 when he shared his light-hearted take on the term “simp,” a phrase used to roast Twitch viewers who donate large amounts of money or are thought to be too nice to female streamers and content creators.

PewDiePie mocks “simps” who donate to female streamers

In typical PewDiePie fashion, he kicked off his video by joking that simps were “the lowest of the low,” pretending that he couldn’t even fathom the idea, and found the whole thing to be disgusting.

Next up, the Swede sarcastically hit out at men who donate to Twitch streamers, pretending that they were the reason behind the outrage that fuels the term simp, before taking a look at some content creators who have hit back at their viewers for not donating like BadBunny. “Remember a few months ago, there was this girl complaining about not getting a $5 donation,” he told his viewers during his satirical rant. “She knows what she’s doing. She’s antagonizing the simps!”

YouTube: PewDiePie
The popular YouTuber mocked BadBunny’s rant from January.

The YouTuber then turned his wit towards the men that were quick to defend her, joking that the “simps then come to the rescue,” before breaking into fits of laughter after reading a tweet about Amouranth’s sleeping stream, which had 1700 viewers watching her catch 40 winks.

The Swedish personality also reacted to a clip that saw Twitch star Pokimane dancing, oblivious that someone named Russell had just donated $500 to her. “Russell! Why would you do that?” he giggled. “Why would you sink that low? Never do that again!”

Of course, just as PewDiePie claimed he was tired of pretending that simping wasn’t ok, an image appeared labeling him to be the very thing he was talking about, with the YouTuber acting like he was unbelievably offended, before saying: “Imagine simping for a girl with dyed hair,” clearly poking fun at himself and wife Marzia, who regularly does just that.

(Timestamp 01:18 for mobile users.)

Regular viewers of PewDiePie will know that the entire video was all in jest and that they should never take anything he says too seriously, with the YouTuber loving to poke fun and make jokes in all of his videos. The Swede loves this type of content so much that he even created Meme Review, a show where he can look at all of the latest viral posts blowing up on social media, and add his own hilarious commentary

PewDiePie continues to crush it with his uploads, pulling in millions of views since his return from his month-long break in January, with his “9-year-old army” delighted to see him regularly uploading content again.


Twitch streamer fails miserably trying to help a thirsty dog

Published: 27/Oct/2020 15:49

by Alice Hearing


Dogs are adorable intelligent animals, but any owner of a pup knows that they can also be especially dumb – and hilarious.

When IRL Twitch streamer CookSux saw a chained up dog while walking around Gyeongsan, South Korea, he wanted to help. Except, it turned out to be a huge failure.

Out of the goodness of his heart on a sunny day, this streamer decided to put the last of his water from his bottle into the dog’s bowl.

Initially, it seemed as though the dog wanted food or water as it held its bowl in its mouth and wagged its tail as the streamer approached. The dog kept pacing back and forth, as CookSux said to viewers he thought it was afraid of the lawnmower.

Twitch streamer cooksux instagram
Instagram: CookSux
CookSux couldn’t believe it when the dog tipped the bowl over

At first, the streamer tried to pour the water into its mouth, while the dog seemed to lap it up but seemed more interested in other things.

Cooksux decided to give the dog a little treat instead, despite viewers in the comments telling him to pour the water in the bowl.

But the dog didn’t seem to want a snack either, continuing to pace around with the bowl as the streamer shouted “You dummy!” and threw little bits of food at the ground so he could eat.

However, clearly this dog was feeling more playful than thirsty. As soon as CookSux was able to pour water into the bowl, the dog immediately flipped it over with its paw, grabbed the whole thing with its mouth, and carried it around like a brand new toy.

Defeated and frustrated, CookSux stared at the camera holding the empty water bottle, before shouting at the viewers saying “You don’t know what to do with these dogs, you don’t know sh*it.”

At the time of writing the Twitch clip now has more than 19,000 views, more than double the views of the original stream.