Pokimane loses her mind over lucky CSGO unboxing for favorite skin

Andrew Amos

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys was just about to give up on her search for a specific skin during a recent CSGO unboxing, until Gaben seemingly heard her pleas during the “scam” and turned her fortunes around.

Pokimane was celebrating her six-year anniversary as a Twitch partner on March 8, using the occasion to play some variety games with her chat, as well as have a crack at opening some CS:GO cases.

Targeting the recently released Shattered Web collection, she had her eyes on one skin and one skin only ⁠— the Tec-9 Decimator. However, as roll-after-roll yielded nothing, she was slowly losing hope on finding her favorite skin.

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“I am an investigative journalist, I am showcasing a CS:GO Shattered Web scam,” she said. “This specific case type is a scam. As you can see, only blues, and a couple of purples, but they’re PP-Bizon’s and one of these [the AUG Arctic Wolf].”

“I’m never buying a Shattered Web case ever again because y’all know this is the only skin I want,” she said while pointing at the Tec-9 Decimator. “Is it going to give me that skin? No.”

However, she was soon eating her words as her luck came true. She managed to pull her Tec-9 Decimator that she was so desperate for, and she could hardly believe it, losing her mind along with her chat.

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“Gaben’s watching me, he’s watching,” she said with pure happiness in her voice. “I just said that [I’d never get it], that’s what so insane. This is the only gun that I wanted from this because it’s my colors. Instant equip. I love it, so worth it ⁠— Shattered Web? Not a scam.”

On top of getting the skin though, she also got it with StatTrak ⁠— which increases the value of the skin exponentially ⁠— and in what seemed to be Factory New condition. She had around a 0.1% chance of getting the skin out of the case in any condition with StatTrak, so getting it looking so suave was incredibly lucky.

While the skin might only be worth $51 with StatTrak and in Factory New ⁠— hardly making her money back trying to roll it ⁠— the sentimental value it holds for Pokimane is priceless. It’s the one skin she wanted, and she got it just as her hopes were looking dire.

While the Decimator might not be as valuable as a knife, to Pokimane, it may as well be priceless.

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After she rolled her Tec-9, she also managed to pick up the rare MAC-10 Stalker, and although it was in Battle-Scarred condition, her amazing finish to her Shattered Web case opening made up for the heavy losses in the first few cases.

She did end up opening a bunch of other cases from other collections, but nothing could top her dear Tec-9 Decimator, and Pokimane admitted she couldn’t have capped off her partner anniversary any better.

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