xQc roasted for buying new clothes instead of just doing laundry

Josh Taylor
Twitch streamer xQc live on the platform.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been mocked by his viewers after admitting he would often bulk buy new clothes to avoid having to wash them himself.

With high viewership across all his content, thousands of paid subscribers, major sponsorships, and even a lucrative $100 million Kick deal, the streamer has become signficantly wealthy, but he has now been roasted by his viewers for bulk purchasing one hundred new t-shirts to wear in order to avoid washing his own clothing.

During his Twitch stream on March 20, Felix admitted: “I did the math okay, and because of the price of the shirts right and how much time I had to do bullsh*t f**king laundry, I thought, it was less expensive mathematically to wear a different shirt every day and not do the laundry.”

When asked how much it cost to purchase the shirts, he replied: “It was really cheap. Really cheap, but then you just hire somebody to do the laundry. I didn’t know at the time. So on stream, if you look at any of the VODs before, I wore only (new shirts).”

Despite his friend assuming he threw them away after, he confirmed: “No, of course not I donated them at the end.” He further explained he would often wear the same t-shirt for up to four days to even a week.

Viewers were left shocked, “As funny as this might be that is insanely wasteful,” one said, as another added: “Nah that’s messed up what the actual f**k Felix.”

Many mocked him for how easy it was to do laundry, “You just make huge ball of shirts throw it and bang, the washing machine does all the rest, what is bro yapping.”

One viewer even went as far as to claim: “You can be rich and powerful all you want, but if you can’t even do your own laundry, you’re pretty much useless.”

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