David Dobrik shocks fan after he fails to recognize the YouTube star

Brent Koepp

David Dobrik rendered a viewer speechless when he approached them at the airport and the fan didn’t recognize the YouTuber despite wearing his merchandise. 

David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s most popular breakout stars. The Slovak personality shot to fame with his wildly entertaining vlogs which feature his ‘squad’ of friends.

However during his March 7 Instagram story, the entertainer ran into a viewer wearing his merch while walking through an airport. Only problem is, the fan didn’t recognize him.

The popular vlogger has one of the biggest channels on YouTube.

David Dobrik surprises fan that doesn’t recognize him

The YouTuber was documenting his travels on Instagram, and was using the platform’s story features while in an airport. He informed his audience that he was being cautious over the coronavirus, and was wearing masks.

However in his next update, he got excited after he discovered a fan wearing sweatpants from his ‘clickbait’ collection. The viewer had not noticed him, and walked by him.

He then decided to make a clip about surprising him. “My next story is going to be me walking by a guy who’s wearing my merch and he has no idea that I’m filming him,” he said.

In the next video, Dobrik hilariously walked by the man and began to film around him. But surprisingly, the viewer kept on walking completely oblivious to the star recording.

“He doesn’t even know. He walked on by me. He’s wearing my sweatpants!” he laughed. He then walked in front of the fan and shocked him. “Oh s**t. HOLY F**K!” he exclaimed upon seeing the YouTuber.

Laughing, Dobrik said to the man “What’s up how are you? You walked right by me!” Still stunned the viewer said “What?!” The YouTube star turned the camera around on himself and said “I look different with my glasses on.”

If nothing else, these clips prove that no matter how famous someone is, even their fans can fail to notice them in public. Dobrik took the whole thing in stride, and found it hilarious.

The vlogging star continues to crush it on YouTube, and at the time of writing he’s amassed over 16 million subscribers to his channel. He also has over 11 million followers on his Instagram account.