PewDiePie exposes his "infuriating" method of eating pizza - Dexerto

PewDiePie exposes his “infuriating” method of eating pizza

Published: 17/Oct/2019 23:49 Updated: 18/Oct/2019 0:04

by Virginia Glaze


Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg stands as YouTube’s most-subscribed independent creator, boasting over 101 million subscribers on the site – but fame isn’t stopping the internet celeb’s unusual habits.

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Those who frequent the internet may be familiar with such subreddits as “r/mildlyinteresting” and “r/mildlyinfuriating,” the latter of which PewDiePie browsed during a video on October 17.

However, when searching the site, an image of a pizza showed up in the search results – but this wasn’t any ordinary pizza.

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PewDiePie, InstagramPewDiePie is YouTube’s undisputed king, boasting over 101 million subscribers.

While there are many methods of eating pizza, the “mildly infuriating” subreddit delivered an image of a person eating a pie by starting in the very middle, rather than consuming it slice by slice.


Although any normal person would find this action abhorrent, PewDiePie admitted that he eats his pizzas the same way, explaining that he hates pizza crusts.

EmKay, YouTubePewDiePie admitted that he has a pretty odd way of eating pizza.
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“I have a confession to make,” Kjellberg began. “First of all, when I looked up this subreddit, this image shows up. …I’ve eaten pizza this way for over twenty years. …I don’t like the crust. And when you’re done eating it, you have a frame, and you can put your face in it.”

PewDiePie went on to joke about the “stigma” surrounding his eating habits, but he’s not alone – in fact, another major internet personality also eats their pizzas in an odd way.


(Timestamp: 0:14 for mobile viewers)

Popular Twitch streamer “Pokimane” likewise turned heads after admitting that she eats her pizza upside down, explaining that it’s better to taste the pizza toppings rather than the crust on top of her tongue.

“Let’s say this is a pizza,” she began, holding out her hand. “All the toppings are here. The yummy part is here. Why would you put the yummy part on the roof of your mouth? You gotta flip the pizza, put the yummy part on your tongue so you can taste it.”

(Timestamp: 3:45 for mobile viewers)

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No matter your favorite way of eating pizza, its safe to say that these streamers have creative ways of chowing down – but these come nowhere near streamer “Amouranth’s” bizarre eating habits, who claimed that she can’t actually chew her food due to the retainer in the back of her mouth.


No matter your popularity status, everyone has something weird about them – but internet stars are more likely to get caught in the act, thanks to spending a large part of their lives in front of the camera.