Streamer PayMoneyWubby credits Twitch for “fair” ban after wardrobe malfunction

PayMoneyWubby talking to the cameraYouTube: PayMoneyWubby

It’s no exaggeration to say that Twitch streamer PayMoneyWubby has had more than his fair share of run-ins with the platform’s moderation team. But, his latest ban, a 24-hour suspension, he says is “fair” and has given the Amazon-owned platform credit for their handling of the situation.

PayMoneyWubby has had a rough go of things on Twitch, and that’s putting it lightly. The streamer had already been banned twice over the past 13 months before receiving a third strike on December 29.

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His previous dealings with the Amazon-owned platform were met with a great deal of confusion and frustration. From having his appeals ignored to mocking the platform and even threatening a move to Mixer, he’s been through the wringer.

Despite 11 months of ‘good behavior’ on the platform, PayMoneyWubby has now been suspended for a third time – but this time has agreed with the decision.

PayMoneyWubby streaming on TwitchYouTube: PayMoneyWubby
PayMoneyWubby was closing in on 400,000 before his latest Twitch ban.

The latest Twitch ban came through on December 29, and at first, Wubby was left in the dark.

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“How not Poggers of them,” he joked. His most recent punishment came a whole two days after his latest broadcast, according to fans.

But, after receiving an email notification from Twitch with the reason, he commented: “Can’t be mad, it’s a fair ban imo. Especially given how relatively quick  @twitch let me know what it was for. Giving credit where credit is due.”

The cause of the ban was given as “accidental nudity,” which Wubby explained was “accidentally showing a photo of my ass” – how ever that came about.

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How long is PayMoneyWubby banned?

As a result of his third strike on the platform, there was initial concern that it could be an indefinite ban. “We keep a record of past violations,” the official Twitch guidelines state. “Multiple suspensions over time can lead to an indefinite suspension.”

However, despite previous community guidelines violations, the ban is only 24 hours. He’ll be back streaming on Friday, January 1.

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