Streamer PaymoneyWubby mocks Twitch after being unbanned

Daniel Cleary
Paymoneywubby / twitch

Popular content creator Paymoney Wubby has hit out at Twitch staff after he received a controversial ban for streaming inside of a restaurant.

Many IRL streamers often face more challenges when broadcasting to their viewers as platforms such as Twitch have strict rules in place when it comes to creating content in public.

One popular content creator, Pay Money Wubby, was issued with a suspension from the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform after he broadcasted himself filming in a restaurant, despite apparently gaining permission beforehand.

PaymoneyWubby, TwitchThe popular streamer’s ban from Twitch was reversed after backlash from the community.

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Before his ban was eventually lifted, the streamer hit out at Twitch for ignoring him after he felt he was unfairly suspended from the platform.

The suspension could not have come at a worse time as Wubby was quickly rising in popularity on Twitch, pulling in thousands of viewers during each of his streams.

During his first stream back on the platform on November 22, Paymoney decided to mock Twitch staff over the way his suspension was handled with a short skit to entertain fans.

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As part of the skit, PaymoneyWubby also joked about how the infamous clips of fellow streamer Alinity were handled by reenacting the incident with a stuffed animal.

The streamer poured a full bottle of Vodka near the toy tiger’s mouth and followed up hinting at the lack of action Twitch staff took in regard to what happened.

He then began to do an impression of the livestreaming site’s staff members, while dressed in a clown suit, suggesting that they had unfairly banned without being fully aware of his situation during the IRL broadcast.

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The rising Twitch streamer also explained that he was not happy with the apology he received for his reversed suspension.

He expressed that the week-long ban had cost him a lot of money and indicated that he wanted more of a response from the moderation team during his skit, before displaying the short apology on screen.

Although it is unlikely Twitch will follow up with another apology on his ban, PaymoneyWubby is now finally back to streaming on his channel as he looks to provide fans with entertaining broadcasts.

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