PaladinAmber perfectly shuts down delusional viewer “in love” with her

Virginia Glaze
PaladinAmber, Twitch /

Australian-based Twitch streamer “PaladinAmber” had the perfect response to an overly-enthusiastic fan who claimed to be “in love” with her.

While internet fame might seem like sunshine and roses, many online stars suffer from fans who don’t understand personal boundaries, with their approachable personalities seen as genuine friendship by complete strangers.

Twitch broadcaster PaladinAmber has unfortunately experienced these types, one of whom she called out in a scathing monologue during a January 23 Twitch stream.

ItsPaladinAmber, Instagram
Australian-based Twitch streamer PaladinAmber is no stranger to putting obstinate viewers in their place, as shown by her perfect response to an obsessed fan.

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According to the streamer, the fan in question messages her on an almost daily basis, claiming to be enamoured with her despite never having actually met her, either online or in a real-life setting.

“Listen,” she began. “I appreciate that you come through and hang out in my streams, but what I don’t appreciate is that you message me literally nearly every single day, and you tell me that you love me. Or, why am I ignoring you? ‘I love you, I love you. Why are you ignoring me?’”

PaladinAmber, Twitch
PaladinAmber is best known for her hilarious PSAs, which she uses to draw attention to issues from her audience.

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As if reading their messages aloud wasn’t bad enough, the broadcaster completely shut down their hopes of engaging in a romantic relationship, reminding the viewer that they were likely just “in love” with the concept of her — not who she really is, as a person.

“Here’s the thing,” she continued. “You don’t love me! You love the idea of me! Stop it, it’s weird, alright! Come on, man. Like, chill. Chill. F**k!”

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Although this isn’t the first time Amber has hilariously shut down obstinate viewers, she certainly isn’t alone in her plight against obsessed fans, with the likes of fellow streamer “Sweet Anita” reporting that her stalker had moved to her city and even slept outside her home.

Noted cosplayer Liz Katz likewise took to Twitter on January 23 to report concerns of being stalked by an unnamed man, who she feared was making the move to California to be with her after claiming to have found hidden messages for him in her social media posts.

No matter the case, harassing online personalities and fabricating a delusional love story with them is never okay. Take it from the title of a famous 2004 film: “She’s Just Not That Into You.”