Tana Mongeau allegedly threatened at gunpoint by Airbnb owner

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber-turned-MTV starlet Tana Mongeau was allegedly held at gunpoint by the owner of her Airbnb, as claimed by a series of Tweets published on January 23.

While Airbnb has come under fire in the past for ample scams and even buying out entire neighborhoods, nothing comes close to the frightening issue that Mongeau experienced during her stay at one of the rentable abodes in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to the YouTube star, the owner of the estate actually pointed a gun at her, leading to ample concern from fans regarding her safety.

YouTuber and MTV reality star Tana Mongeau claimed she was held at gunpoint by the owner of a Las Vegas Airbnb.

“Dude, my Airbnb owner just pulled a gun on us,” Mongeau wrote.

While the initial Tweet was rather blunt, Mongeau went on to admit the incident had truly shocked her.

“Nothing like a good gun pulled on you to remind you of the fragility of life,” she continued. “This really would only happen to me. Gotta love going to Vegas for a few hours.”

Considering the gravity of the situation, it comes as little surprise that the company reached out to Tana for further info — which she sarcastically commented on with a simple, “Mood” quote Tweet.

That’s not all: according to another user, he and the father of Tana’s best friend, Imari, nearly got physical with the Airbnb owner, although whether or not this actually happened has yet to be verified.

“Omg,” the YouTuber wrote in reply to the claim. “This is why I don’t go to Vegas/subject people I love to being in my life, smh.”

While many fans expressed sympathy and concern for the reality show star, others — including Drama Alert’s Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem — couldn’t help but point out the incident would be perfect material for an upcoming “storytime” video.

Luckily, Tana is both great at taking jokes and the queen of clapbacks, replying to KEEM’s Tweet on the subject with, “*reality stars luv, peep season two of my show xoxo glad i lived xoxo.”

This shocking incident follows Mongeau’s public split with YouTuber Jake Paul, and comes just ahead of her major announcement in February.

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