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Tati Westbrook shows how many free products beauty YouTubers get

Published: 24/Jan/2020 14:26

by Jacob Hale


Beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook has revealed how many free products she and other beauty gurus receive from different brands in a new video posted on January 23.

The video is just a standard unboxing, which you see on YouTube channels across all realms of content types, but you don’t often see it to this level: stacks of boxes behind them, enough free products to live on for the rest of the year if not longer.

Tati is closing in on 10 million subscribers, and it’s clear that many brands value her online presence highly – in the 30-minute video, she can hardly take time to rest as she continually opens box after box and shows them off to her viewers.


An image of YouTuber Tati Westbrook
Instagram: glamlifeguru
Tati has built a following for herself that stands at almost 10 million on YouTube alone.

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From the start of the video, you can see multitudes of boxes stacked up behind her and stepson Taylor Westbrook, and considering this is episode 23 of her unboxing series, you can only imagine how many products have been sent to her throughout the years.

The video, which spans over 30 minutes, sees Tati open dozens of different products, all sent to her by PR companies and brands trying to be advertised by the biggest names on the internet.

The products range across a variety of different beauty and make-up products, including brushes and sponges to apply them with, meaning Tati is fully kitted out for about as long as she wants to be.


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It’s no secret that since the dawn of the era of online personalities, people with a platform online get sent all manner of free items to advertise on whichever medium they use, especially as the likes of YouTube and Instagram do nothing but get bigger and bigger.

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For most people, free stuff to support their desired hobby seems like an ideal world. Be it makeup, gaming, sports, music or something else, everyone knows the struggle of saving up to afford some new products, and the thought of just receiving them sounds like a pipe dream.

It’s safe to say Tati is one of the biggest names in the online beauty space right now, so you can only imagine how many brands are trying to work with her and get a showing of support from her and her fellow beauty gurus.