Jschlatt stopped by police after renting Lambo for OTK announcement video

Jschlatt next to a LamboYouTube: OTK

The filming process for Jschlatt’s announcement video for streaming organization OTK didn’t quite go to plan after he got pulled over for speeding in a Lamborghini he rented for the project.

YouTuber Jschlatt made the announcement on June 23 that he has joined streaming org One True King a.k.a. OTK. The company is run by creators such as Mizkif, Asmongold, Esfand, and more, who focus on creating online content together.

As Jschlatt explained in his own video, he now owns equity in OTK, and the team gave him $10,000 to film a video announcing the latest addition to the organization.

The YouTuber certainly didn’t hold back, going to shooting ranges, using a flamethrower, and even renting a red Lamborghini to make the most of the sizeable budget he’d been given.

Although he got a lot of attention for the vehicle, they encountered an unexpected issue when it started smoking out of nowhere. He explained they had to keep their speed under 30mph for the vast majority of the trip, but on their way back the issue seemed to stop.

But then they ran into another issue. In behind-the-scenes footage, Jschlatt shows a clip of himself sitting in the car, with police car lights flashing through the window behind him.

He revealed that he’d received a speeding ticket for going 56mph in a 45mph zone. “Do you have nothing going on today,” he said about the officer, “like are you finally done shooting people? What the f**k is this for? I was literally following traffic, in the middle of a crowded town. We had just passed the f**king intersection, just started rolling again.”

Topic starts at 3:05

“Too bad you didn’t get to see me doing 130 in the thing a couple minutes before. That would have been a better ticket,” he added.

While not everything went to plan, the announcement video certainly turned out great, and there’s no doubt fans are looking forward to seeing Jschlatt make more content alongside the OTK team.