Olivia Rodrigo reacts after her perfect lookalike goes viral on TikTok

Virginia Glaze
Olivia Rodrigo reacts to her viral TikTok lookalikeYouTube: First We Feast / TikTok: shelbykandrade

Olivia Rodrigo’s doppelganger is taking over TikTok as her uncanny resemblance to the ‘Driver’s License’ singer shocks users across the app.

Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song ‘Driver’s License’ captured hearts and minds all across TikTok last year. The song went viral on the video-sharing app, helping skyrocket the Disney star to musical fame.

Rodrigo has now become a cultural icon with a huge fanbase, but many of these fans are doing a double-take after seeing a shockingly convincing lookalike of the star going viral online.

TikToker ‘shelbykandrade’ is turning heads on social media due to her eyebrow-raising similarity to Olivia Rodrigo, boasting a haunting resemblance to the singer’s features — even down to her dark brown hair.

Olivia Rodrigo holds her albumInstagram: oliviarodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo’s song ‘Driver’s License’ took over the internet, breaking multiple records along the way.

Olivia Rodrigo lookalike goes viral on TikTok

It seems that Shelby is well aware of this fact, and has uploaded a viral video lip-syncing to the singer’s music.

In the video, the TikToker even donned Rodrigo’s iconic cheer outfit from her ‘good 4 u’ music video, and it’s almost unbelievable how much they look alike.

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Olivia Rodrigo responds to her TikTok doppelganger

Commenters have made their astonishment known, with many joking that the two could be long-lost twins, or that Shelby is even a Loki-style ‘variant’ of the Disney star.

However, these comments pale in comparison to Rodrigo’s own response to her doppelganger. The singer herself took note of her viral lookalike and commented on one of her videos, writing a simple: “YASSS.”

This elicited an excited response from the TikToker, who replied: “OMFG HI.”

Olivia Rodrigo responds to doppelgangerTikTok: shelbykandrade
Olivia Rodrigo’s lookalike was clearly excited to be recognized by the singer.

Shelby is far from the first celebrity lookalike to take TikTok by storm; most notably, TikToker Kate Shumskaya turned heads for her shocking resemblance to Scarlett Johansson, and has cosplayed as her Marvel character Black Widow on a number of occasions.

Nevertheless, this wholesome interaction between Rodrigo and her “long-lost twin” is definitely a wholesome moment that has all of TikTok breaking out in a grin… and doing a double-take.