What is the Russian song taking over TikTok? Viral track explained

Virginia Glaze
What is viral russian song tiktok

TikTok’s viral hot sauce dance trend is taking over the app — and so is the Russian song associated with it. But what is the track’s name, and why is it so popular?

TikTok is a hive for all kinds of viral content, birthing everything from popular recipes to dance trends, memes, filters, and more.

However, one of the biggest ongoing trends on the app involves a smiling Canadian gent dancing to a Russian trap song… and TikTokers all over the world are obsessed.

What is TikTok’s hot sauce dance trend?

TikTok user ‘JohnMcginnis36’ has become a viral presence online, thanks to his videos pouring steaming hot sauce onto various foods while breaking it down to a Russian beat.

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The trend has become a viral sensation, with several big names on the platform jumping on the bandwagon — including ‘ToTouchAnEmu,’ who helped bring the ‘Stay’ dance trend onto everyone’s For You Page.

What is the Russian song on TikTok?

It’s not just McGinnis’ sick dance moves that are making the trend viral, though; more than a few TikTokers are curious about the song he uses in his videos, and it’s not hard to see why.

The track is supremely catchy, and seems to be capturing the interest of listeners all over the world, even if they don’t speak the Russian language.

The song comes from Russian music artist Moreart, and is titled “Я буду ебать.”

English translations of the track are more than a bit murky, but the song and its title aren’t exactly appropriate to type here — making the dichotomy between its meaning and the wholesome gentleman dancing to the song even more humorous.

The track has seen a spike in viewership on YouTube via the official Moreart topic as a result of the song going viral on TikTok.

Looking at his social media pages, it seems that Moreart has released a few other original songs outside of the hot sauce banger; his YouTube Topic page boasts three other tracks from the artist, all featuring a similar style, his Spotify page only listing two tracks. In contrast, his official YouTube channel only boasts 6 subscribers and two songs.

Who is Moreart?

Moreart is more than a viral TikTok rapper; he’s also a longtime music producer, battle rapper, and ghostwriter for several high-profile Russian music artists, as revealed in a November 2020 interview with YouTuber Timur Balymbetov.

Unfortunately for fans, there are no English closed captions for the interview at the time of writing, but it’s clear that this guy knows his stuff when it comes to making hits.

For now, it looks like Moreart’s popularity is skyrocketing due to his viral song, but whether or not we’ll see the artist release more tracks, as a result, remains to be seen.

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