What is the Scream Cult on TikTok? Ghostface trend goes viral

Image of Ghostface in Scream trailerYouTube: Paramount Pictures

TikTok ‘cults’ are back again, and this time people are using an image of the iconic character Ghostface as their profile pictures, ahead of the release of the new ‘Scream’ movie in January 2022.

TikTok is home to some of the internet’s most bizarre trends, and perhaps one of the most viral is the concept of ‘cults.’

When people participate in cults TikTok, they will usually all change their profile picture to be the same iconic picture of one person or thing, and they use these profile pictures to easily find others who are participating in the trend.

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Participants will then follow hundreds, even thousands, of other accounts in the cult, and people end up gaining a huge number of new followers this way.

TikTok logo alongside the TikTok cult profile picturesTikTok
Cult subjects have ranged from hamsters to Lana Del Rey.

In the past, we’ve seen cults for anime character Vegeta, singer Lana Del Rey, and even hamsters, and the latest in the long list of popular cults comes just in time for the spooky season.

The ‘Scream’ cult is seeing users change their profile picture to the same image of the character Ghostface from the Scream franchise.

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This is proving to be the perfect new trend for Halloween, and many also have been inspired by the trailer for the 2022 ‘Scream’ film which dropped on October 12, with people expressing their excitement by participating in the cult.

Ghost Face TikTok PFP

If you want to participate in the cult, it isn’t an overly complicated process. Just change your profile picture to the main image of Ghostface that people are using, and possibly even your name as well if you want to go all out.

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Then, simply follow any of the accounts you see with a matching profile picture. As you start to follow more people, the chances are you will also end up getting a significant amount of follows back.

It looks like the cult trend on TikTok isn’t going away any time soon, and many are wondering what the next popular profile picture will be.

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