OfflineTV becomes an anime with star-studded ‘BREAK OUT’ music video

Julian Young
OfflineTV Anime Music Video
YouTube / OfflineTV

After teasing a huge announcement with a series of cryptic tweets, Twitch’s powerhouse content creation group, OfflineTV, revealed their anime music video ‘BREAK OUT,’ featuring all of the group’s members in a star-studded lineup.

Dating all the way back to 2017, OfflineTV has become one of the most popular groups of content creators to join forces and create exciting content for their viewers together.

It’s no surprise that they’ve amassed a following in the millions, with a lineup of creators that includes some of the biggest names in the space: Scarra, Pokimane, LilyPichu, Disguised Toast, and Michael Reeves.

Now, the conglomerate of creators has taken the internet by storm with their very own anime music video, ‘BREAK OUT,’ featuring the five members of OfflineTV plus their very own anime mascot, Hina.

After releasing a series of cryptic hints on Twitter, OfflineTV officially announced the debut of their music video on October 2, right as the anime went live on the OTV YouTube account.

The video features all five OTV members adventuring throughout a series of mystical worlds — getting into plenty of hysterical (and dangerous) situations along the way.

Each member can be seen wearing an outfit or using or piece of equipment that is linked to their brand. Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang can be seen tossing around pieces of toast stamped with his signature mustache and sunglasses logo, for example.

While the video (and its announcement) were enough to draw in fans by the thousands, the OTV crew also used the anime to reveal another upcoming event: the OTV Creative Challenge.

As detailed in the video and on Twitter, OfflineTV are “looking for people to help us make something really cool,” and advised anyone interested in collabing with the group to apply and participate in the ‘#OTVCreativeChallenge.’

The application also hinted at what fans can look forward to: “[We want] to find great ideas, writers, and storytellers to work alongside with [on] developing a captivating story to share with our community . . . that even strangers to OTV can come to love and enjoy.”

At the time of writing, ‘BREAK OUT’ has amassed over 100k views, and the reveal was also met with an overwhelmingly positive reception — dozens of other creators from all over Twitch and YouTube sent their congratulations to the OTV crew.

The anime is another example of how OfflineTV continues to innovate within the content creation space. It certainly appears that fans haven’t seen the last of OTV’s anime personas, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see what they come up with next.